Wedding Guests: Seating Arrangement Tips

It’s one of your final tasks on your to-do list as bride: arranging the seating for the reception. Whether you will have fifty or one hundred and fifty guests they will all need to sit down at some point and the way you plan the seating will set the tone for the reception. Regardless of […]

Wedding Party Roles- Don’t Be Afraid To Delegate!

It is impossible to use all of your friends and family in planning your big day, so choose wisely when it comes to the wedding party. Each person should be trustworthy in that they will carry out this specific role as well as any other task they volunteer to take. Most of the time these […]

The Magic of Colored Glassware

Whatever theme you choose for your wedding, incorporating colored glass could add the perfect touch you are looking for. Each piece is unique in color, size, and shape and each seems to tell a different story… it can be as simple as something like a pop bottle but the color of the glass makes it […]

Trend Alert: Glitz, Glitter, Chevron!

TREND ALERT! Chevron print has made a huge statement for the Spring and Summer seasons and you will find this popular, modern print on everything from maxi skirts to home decor to – surprise- in your wedding decor! Why not add some sparkle and glitz to the already fabulous chevron print? Add this print consistently […]

Lounge Style Seating for Your Wedding

Interested in transforming your wedding into a more relaxed, casual ambiance with unique and comfortable seating? Lounge style seating will make your special day trendy with an arrangement of sleek options to choose from. Wow your guests with a wedding reception or cocktail area that goes beyond the typical 60″ round table with chairs around […]

Brides BFF #1

Check out this awesome post, written by an amazing photographer by the name of Rachel Curry!  This is definitely a must read for everyone getting married, as well as all event professionals.  Great job Rachel:)

Dessert Tables: DIY Tips

We all love the beauty of a dessert table!  It is an awesome way to add a fabulous design element to any event you have coming up.  Although they are great to have, there are a few very important details that can not be overlooked when putting one together.  Let me share with you these […]

Bride Shoes: Top 10 Best Fits

I’ve always heard, “You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes!”  Your wedding day should be no different.  Who says your have to wear a traditional conservative pump?  I say your shoes should be as tailored to your personality as possible.  Here are our top 10 picks:

Brides-To-Be: Don’t be Afraid to Delegate

As a Bride-To-Be, you are sure to have a solid immediate support system around you, throughout your wedding planning journey.  Don’t be afraid to call on these people to help you get through the time leading up to your big day.  All women are blessed with these special super powers which give us the ability […]

Wedding Decor: Important Details That Can’t Be Overlooked

Wedding planning can be stressful!  There are a few details that can go unnoticed or slip under the rug that will make your beautiful venue less then what you expected.  Wedding checklists are great to go by and keep every bride-to-be on track, but most of them leave out a few key areas that always need tending […]