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Dessert Tables: DIY Tips

We all love the beauty of a dessert table!  It is an awesome way to add a fabulous design element to any event you have coming up.  Although they are great to have, there are a few very important details that can not be overlooked when putting one together.  Let me share with you these key elements, to insure your dessert table is perfect!

Background: It is crucial that your dessert table has some type of background that compliments the colors and theme of your table.  A simple swaged piece of fabric, balloons, a sign or ribbons are all great things to use as a backdrop.  This will cover up any backround noise that may interfere with the flow of your design.  Whatever you decide to use for your background, you can use piping to attach fabric, ribbons, or a sign to.  Often times, dessert tables are set up outdoors and there may not be anything around to secure the background to.  By making a plastic pipe frame, you will be able to put just about anything up.

Signs: Creating signs or labels for your dessert table is a great way to add some fun creativity to your table.  Making up creative names for traditional foods makes your table extraordinary.  It also creates another way to carry a theme throughout the table.  Guests have a great time reading them and besides the fun of naming the desserts, people generally like to know what they are eating.  Adding labels to a dessert table, makes even the simplest tables fun to look at.

Height: Dessert tables will look flat or dull without creating various elements of height.  This can be done a couple different ways.  Books or boxes of different thickness can be placed under the linen table cloths or items that match the theme or overall feel of the dessert table can be used to stack things on.  Pretty cake stands, small old suitcases, or dresser drawers can even be used to create various heights.  It is also important to use different sizes and shapes of containers.

These are the three main aspects that make designing a dessert table a success.  Another key point to keep in mind is the use of different textures.  Make sure you have a few objects that display texture.  If everything is smooth, the dessert table will look one-dimensional.  One last tip I have is to use items that are not expected to be there.  The use of candles, flowers, or any other complimenting object that wouldn’t be expected to be on a dessert table is a great way to capture your guests’ attention.  Don’t be afraid to get really creative with your dessert table, and more importantly, have fun when designing it!

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