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The Magic of Colored Glassware

Whatever theme you choose for your wedding, incorporating colored glass could add the perfect touch you are looking for. Each piece is unique in color, size, and shape and each seems to tell a different story… it can be as simple as something like a pop bottle but the color of the glass makes it appear to be much more! Check out some of the many different styles we found.

A couple based their wedding theme as a “Colorful Handmade Arizona Wedding” and the colored glassware below was one of the central components they used as their style aspect. The bride inherited several of these antique pieces from her grandmother- how sweet and creative!

colored glass 1

Some more antique-style glass below. This lantern idea would be perfect for a summertime, outdoor wedding!

colored glass 2

Southern Vintage  wedding- use it in a candy bar as well!

colored glass 3

For a more subtle, simple feel add this beautiful glassware  to add a touch of color to your reception table:

colored glass 4

colored glass 5Colored glassware is becoming more and more popular.  Color and bold patterns are definitely on the rise for the next year of weddings.  Liven up your wedding tables and enjoy the vibrant feel during your wedding reception!

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