Fall Wedding Trends

Even though Phoenix, Arizona may lack the visible signs of the seasons changing we are at summer’s end at last with the first day of autumn on September 22. If you are having a fall wedding consider using some of these trends to match the season.

Choosing the Best Venue for Your Wedding

There are a ton of factors to take into consideration when choosing a venue for your wedding. You want to meet all of your needs but it can be tricky when trying to juggle your own religious preferences, your fiancé’s, and those of others. Then there are all of the other elements to include to […]

Creative Ideas for Your Wedding Program

The function of the wedding program is to inform your guests about the wedding ceremony, wedding party, and history. It can include many features such as names of everyone involved in the ceremony, songs that will be played, and history of how the bride and groom met.  A traditional wedding program is a folded sheet […]

Pros and Cons of a DIY Wedding

If you’re a bride on a budget, a DIY wedding could very well be a smart route to take. A complete DIY wedding could be authentic by adding a delightful, homemade touch. But it would be advised to take into consideration the time and complexity that will require. Most brides will use select elements of […]

Wedding Etiquette: How to Politely Ask To Exclude the Kids

    Including the children at your wedding could be a beautiful, magical touch or it could mean potential messy, screaming disaster. If you honestly do not want to take the risk of the negative occurring with this situation then it’s your responsibility to break it to your guests. It’s an awkward situation asking to […]

Wedding Veils: Classic, Modern, or Totally Unique

You picked out the wedding dress and now you have to choose the veil that will complete your overall look. The veil serves as the focal point to your hair and dress and other than warding off evil spirits (a little history behind what the veil used to symbolize!), the veil you choose should compliment […]

Creative Ideas: Saving the Date

It’s about six months before your wedding ceremony and it’s about that time to send invites to all of your beloved family, friends, coworkers, etc. so that they can plan in advance to attend your special day. Save the dates are crucial for not only allowing your guests to plan ahead, but also in setting […]

Reinventing Mom’s Wedding Gown

I’m sure mom would love for you to rock her vintage gown overflowing with ruffles and layers on your big day, but let’s be honest- wearing a gown from the 70’s or 80’s may alert the fashion police. With styles and trends constantly changing, there are new, fresh options to choose from but molding a […]

Beyond Cake

Part of the central component to the wedding reception is indulging in a tiered wedding cake. If you’ve been to any weddings lately I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s not just about the cake anymore with options such as self-serve candy bars, cupcakes on stacked tiers, and chocolate fountains. Say you’re not a wedding cake couple- […]

Chalkboard Trend

Who would’ve thought that the chalkboards you used in high school can now be used as a unique wedding idea? This chalkboard trend is totally genius, DIY, and we love it. You can really get artsy and have fun with this- use it as signage leading guests to the venue or even as invitations! Let […]