good shoes take you good places


Lets talk bridesmaids! Some if not most brides struggle when deciding what their bridesmaids will wear on the big day. Will they all wear the same thing, what color will they wear, long or short dresses… All of these questions come into play and it can become difficult to make everyone happy.

Now once you get the hardest part out of the way and have the dresses picked out, what about the shoes?? Will they wear heels or flats? Shoes come in so many different styles so we are here to help pick out the most perfect option for your girls!

Tips and Tricks:

-Keep price point under $200: Shoes are a statement but do not need to break the bank especially when they will probably come off in a couple hours when dancing comes in.
-Keep the height under 4″: You never want your bridesmaids struggling to get down the aisle. Let them be comfortable while still being stylish.
-Make sure they are comfortable: Again, comfort is everything. Wedding days are long and your girls will be in these shoes for at least 5 hours.
-Offer at least two options, not all shoes will work for all feet: Send your girls two options they can choose from. This will help your wide feet friends trust us!
-Stick with a neutral color that can be used again: Neutrals are always the safest way to go and it never hurts to be able to wear them again after the wedding.
-Give your ladies plenty of time to order in case they need to save up: If you choose a pricier option, be sure to allow your girls time to put money together. This will alleviate stress for everyone involved.
-Keep the style sleek, elegant, and formal and avoid a thick chunky or platform type heel. Although they may be more comfortable, they are not as formal to match with a formal dress that your ladies will be wearing: Trust us, we love a good chunky heel and know they are easier to walk, run, and dancing in, but a skinny heel is always more appealing with almost all different styled gowns.

Here are some of our favorites:

Trista’s go to:

Neutral and simple

Storm’s go to:

Sleek but glam

Kenedy’s go to:

Fun and strappy

Tia’s go to:

Flat but studded

Audrey’s go to:

A statement piece

Bishop Sleeves: Long loose sleeves that turn fitted at the end of the wrist creating a cuffed whimsical look.

This look usually can be shown with lace on the sleeves to show off some skin without showing too much while also bringing attention to those romantic, flowy sleeves.

Long sleeves have become a big trend for brides in the last 10 years. Within the long sleeve trend, bishop sleeves have evolved from it’s 80’s look to it’s new modern 21st century look. With its light, airy and elegant style it creates a more bohemian look. It gives boho a romantic touch.

For brides that love the boho look, we recommend trying at least one bishop sleeved dress. It provides something unique and different to your dress. For those who aren’t quite ready to go full in on the bishop sleeves, there are beautiful detachable sleeves that can be taken off when you hit the dance floor so you get two looks in one!


See below for all of our favorite sleeved looks!

style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. —rachel zoe


This weeks blog we wanted to share our favorite trends and looks. We always share what is trending or making the most noise in the bridal fashion world but you all, our readers, never get to hear directly from each one of us on our favorite looks.

Each of us at BTS have our own style and that is what makes us unique. But, before we get to the good stuff, I want to introduce everyone. We now have five main parts to BTS, Trista, Storm, Tia, Kenedy, & Audrey. Crazy how much we have grown this year; however, we’ll save all the mush and gush for another blog.

Meet Trista, our founder, lead planner and designer!

Miss lipstick and glam chose Hailey Biebers wedding gown as her favorite statement look thus far. Couture lace, elongated sleeves, plunging back, off the shoulder neckline and the perfect fit. Hailey’s gown was created by Virgil Abloh. Hailey also had two other amazing satin options for her reception that she is a huge fan of but for now, her main wedding gown, is Trista’s primary focus as it was just done so right!

Meet Storm, its me, lead planner and head marketing gal!

I’ll call myself Miss coffee and boujee. My favorite statement look is black gowns. Any and all black gowns are so cool to me right now. They stand out so much from the typical white or ivory gown. This could be for either just the reception/ party gown or for both. I loved when Christine Quinn wore a Galia Lahav gown for her wedding. She had two different black gowns for her wedding and they were just to die for!


Meet Tia, lead planner & graphic design genius!

Miss class and sass loves the jumpsuit trend! Jumpsuits have been her all time favorite for the past year. From engagement parties to your big day this trend is such a switch up from the traditional dress. This specific jumpsuit from Alberi Couture is absolutely stunning and her favorite on the market. With its plunging neckline, cutout sides and open back, over-the-top bell sleeves, sheer lace, and flare legs she can imagine this as a gorgeous statement piece for a wedding. Nicki Minaj wore one of their pieces in her merry Christmas post.


Meet Kenedy, lead planner and office coordinator!

Miss fire and spice loves the bridal blazer trend happening now. Call it the businesswoman special meets bridal. Kenedy loves this take on a rehearsal dinner look, or reception outfit change. Women love feeling empowered, confident, and bold. These looks are just that. Bridal blazers seem to be on the rise in the Bridal industry. These looks are sleek, sophisticated, and demand your attention. If suiting doesn’t suit your ceremony, think of rehearsal dinners as the time to dress for the fashion-forward side of your bridal personality. After parties are all about feeling sexy, but a perfectly-tailored suit should have you feeling all those things.


Meet Audrey, lead planner and design strategist!

Miss warm and bubbly, as in personality and champagne, loves all things feathers right now. Correction, feathers done right! Her obsession started when she saw this influencer, Cass Dimincco, wearing this fabulous feather jumpsuit for her rehearsal dinner. Feathers.. she knows it might sound scary but they are making statement and she is here for it. You can go all out with a full feather dress or you can keep it simple with a statement shoe or bag. Audrey has even seen some colored bridesmaid dresses with feather accents. Love this edgy style and hoping to see more of it in 2021! 

Alright, you have heard it here lady gang. All of our favorites in one place! Tag us in some of your favorites so we can see!


BTS Gals

“a women’s dress should be like a barbed-wired fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view” -sophia lauren


As most of you know, BTS is always looking for the latest and greatest fashion trends, specifically bridal! Lately, we have been seeing and loving the square neckline. It is so flattering for all occasions and personnel: Bridesmaids, guests, for the red carpet, for weddings, and of course, the bride.

Of all the reasons we love this neckline, a couple are the fact that it frames everyones collarbones so perfectly and shows the girls off without exposing too much cleavage. We also love that it can pair with any style of gown. For instance, this neckline can go with a ballgown or a very sleek tight fitting gown. Other ways to rock this neckline could be with a sleeved gown or any style of strap. Since the square neckline is so versatile, any body type can rock it! See some of our favorites below:

Some of our favorite celebrities love to rock this look! Check out some of our favorites below.

Blake Lively at the Met Gala

Scarlett Johansson

Kim Kardashian

Kristin Bell

Uma Thurman


supersized veils

We are absolutely loving the statement veils lately. It completely changes the vibe of the wedding dress. Most brides tend to go towards the longer train as their statement piece but then it becomes difficult when it is time to dance. The sheer length is just unlike anything else.

With the long veils, the bride can go for easier dress silhouettes and designs as well. For example, shorter trains, less beading or lace and also, less accessories. A sleek dress paired with a long veil, totally gives us royal wedding vibes. There has not been any statement veils we have not liked.

Meghan Markle

When deciding the perfect length for your veil, you need to consider the fabric, your height and any other specific design elements that are apart of your gown. Once you know this, you can decide what look you are going for. For instance, some brides like their veil to extend beyond the length of their train so their train and dress appear longer and grander. Other brides choose to have their veils puddle on the train so that it blends into the fabric of the skirt and won’t get in the way on the dance floor. And other brides want their veil to fall exactly to where their dress train ends as a longer length might feel excessive. It’s very much a personal preference.

Since we are loving the supersized veils, here are some of our favorite looks!

Priyanka Chopra

Kim Kardashian

Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber

“A well dressed man is a best accessory a woman can have” – Coco Chanel

At BTS we encourage our grooms to go out of the box, not to be set on the standard black suit or tux. It is the grooms special day as well and his attire should show out just the same as the brides.

Tips and Tricks

-Don’t be afraid to show a little ankle: We love a “show off your socks” moment. Obviously dress to your body type, but we have never seen a shorter pant look bad and we’ve been to a lot of weddings.

-The fit is everything, tailored looks only: This is so important! Make sure your suit or tux fits you exactly the way it should. Nothing looks worse than an oversized suit or tux. A slimming pant is definitely the way to go.


-Outfit change just like the ladies, switch up the jacket and shoes: Like we said before, it is your special day too, dress to impress. We love when the groom has an outfit change. We always say to have some fun with your outfit for reception. If you wear a black suit or tux for ceremony, wear a maroon or blue for reception.

-Experiment with color: Gone are the days that the guys have limited options. The sky is the limit for color options now so don’t be afraid to step out of the box. This includes maroon, burnt orange, emerald, sage, royal blue, all white etc. Stick with the overall look of the wedding, but do not be afraid to awe everyone.


-Texture and patterns are important parts of the whole ensemble: These add dimension and allow for a truly customized look. Have a pattern on the inside, on the tie, or on the pocket square. These little pops of pattern really go a long way!

Here are some more of our favorite looks for men!

Something Blue

When planning the attire for your big day, we always tell brides to go out of the box for bridesmaid dresses. Our favorite places to look are not your typical wedding store or bridesmaid shop. As you will see below, we love to look at places like Revolve, Nordstrom, Pretty Little Thing, etc. for your wedding party’s attire.

Since we love to style our brides, we get asked all the time for suggestions on bridesmaid looks and color trends we think will look great for a wedding. It has been very common over the last few years to play it safe and go for a neutral color like champagne or blush, but we want to shake things up a bit and send you a bridesmaid color we love and adore…blue.

Check out some super cute amazing blue bridesmaid dresses, we think you will look amazing on your ladies at your wedding:


Fame and Partners



White Runway


Lets talk bridal accessories… They tie everything together, create a unique look and make every regular outfit become a superb outfit. This week on the blog, we talk all about bride accessories and how these dainty little details should not be overlooked on your very special day!

Some of our brides struggle enough with which dress to pick out, let alone with what accents to add to really complete the look. We are here to offer some go to ideas that will not let you down.


Whether its the perfect piece of sparkle that hangs off your neck, adorns your ear, or wraps around your wrist, you want to make sure you choose items that complete you and your dress, not take away from either. If you have a plunging neckline, definitely use a necklace to complement the space. If you have a lot of detail on your gown, a simple pair of earrings will do the trick.


Maria Elena Accessories

Maria Elena Accessories

Head pieces

This can be anything from a stunning veil, bridal headband, hair jewelry, or some trendy glammed out bobby pins. Use this to compliment your dress as an extension of the overall look. Make sure you are picking these items out when your dress is fresh in your mind, rather than later on down the road, just to make sure everything fits just right.

Maria Elena Accessories

Maria Elena Accessories



You need!!! A nice looking, cute, and easy to carry for your blotting powder, lipstick touch up kit, and phone, clutch.


Check out some other amazing accessories we believe are must haves for your wedding day!

Maria Elena Accessories

BM Bridal Arm Cuff

Katie May Mask

Layers upon layers upon layers…

Thats the vibe for a lot of new dress designs we’ve been seeing lately. The tiered wedding dress is definitely a flashback that has recurred in several different decades and we are loving every second of this.

As we always mention, bridal fashion trends always come about a season or two after they are worn by celebrities on the red carpet. Check out some top celebs that have worn these trends recently:

Bella Hadid

Rosamund Pike

Suki Waterhouse

Gosh we love this look. Especially the one Bella Hadid was wearing. Now check out some top bridal designers that have been incorporating this look into some of their newer styles:

Pallas Couture

One Day Bridal

Vagabond Bridal

Halfpenny London

Alexandra Grecco

Carolina Herrera

Alena Leena Bridal


“It’s always us, it’s always you and me”

On September 1st, The Kansas City Chiefs were set to have their ring ceremony for winning Super Bowl 54 against the San Fransisco 49ers. This is when quarterback and MVP, Patrick Mahomes, decided to add another ring ceremony to his night. He used this special night to propose to his long time girlfriend, Brittany Matthews.

“On a day that was meant to celebrate you, you turned it into celebrating us”

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany have been together for 8 years now as they were from the same hometown and begun dating in high school. Since Patrick Mahomes was drafted, he has grown into a star player making their relationship very public. No matter the occasion, Patrick always made Brittany a priority. Patrick just signed the largest contract in NFL history and decided to take his relationship to the next level.

Brittany mentioned in her caption she was so surprised since this night was meant to celebrate Patrick and his accomplishments on the field, but instead he made it all about them and popped the question. He covered a suite inside the stadium with flowers and had light up letters reading, “Will you marry me?” Here are some great photos from when he proposed:

“He put so much thought into this special day”

Following the engagement and Super Bowl ring ceremony, Patrick planned a private dinner for the two of them to celebrate. Check out the pictures from this special night:

Patrick, if you are reading this, you did great and we would love to take over planning the next special day, your wedding day!!

xoxo, BTS