Wedding Decor: Important Details That Can’t Be Overlooked

Wedding planning can be stressful!  There are a few details that can go unnoticed or slip under the rug that will make your beautiful venue less then what you expected.  Wedding checklists are great to go by and keep every bride-to-be on track, but most of them leave out a few key areas that always need tending to.  I will provide you with those left out steps in this blog!

-Chairs: table setting and decor including table clothes, place settings, and centerpieces, are seldom forgotten about, but the chairs around the table can sometimes go untouched.  The last thing you want is for a beautifully set table, complimenting your color theme, surrounded by old brown wood chairs that clash.  The chairs need to be covered and and designed to compliment the flow of the table set up.

This is a perfect example of chairs clashing with table decor

-Lighting: an easy way to draw attention to beautiful centerpieces, art pieces, and food tables.  Theses are things that you have spent money on and should be highlighted for your guests to notice.  Lighting can also be used to create a specific mood.  Whether your going for a soft romantic ambiance or an up-beat party atmosphere, lighting can be used to enhance these feelings.  Lighting is an important area that can not be skipped over on your special day.

-Flowers: as a wedding planner, I have seen time and time again, Brides-to-Be overlooking the importance of flowers.  Some couples need to cut corners on budgeting and decide to skimp on the flowers and others don’t pay enough attention to the areas that need floral design.  This is not the area to draw back on or skim over.  I have seen couple’s use family members to make bridal bouquets and centerpieces to save money, and more times than not, it turns out unappealing.  Flowers are not easy to work with and because they don’t live long, arrangements need to be made right before the wedding and tend to be made in a rush. If your budget for flowers is slim, there are plenty of alternatives that are equally beautiful which may be a better choice than cutting back on florals.

I hope these few tips are helpful in ensuring your wedding is as beautiful as you imagine it to be!  These are some steps I have seen couples overlook when they are planning their special day so I want to make sure others don’t repeat these simple mistakes.  Contact us at BTS Event Management for your complimentary consultation to make sure nothing goes overlooked on your wedding day.  Be sure to check us out on Facebook!                                   

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