Brides-To-Be: Don’t be Afraid to Delegate

As a Bride-To-Be, you are sure to have a solid immediate support system around you, throughout your wedding planning journey.  Don’t be afraid to call on these people to help you get through the time leading up to your big day.  All women are blessed with these special super powers which give us the ability to be strong multi-taskers and take on the world, however, these same super powers can be a curse and tend to have us feeling overwhelmed from insisting on doing everything ourselves!  Planning a wedding is a ton of work, especially since we have dreamed of this day since we were all young girls and want everything to be perfect.  This pressure can cause a ton of stress, so don’t hesitate to delegate.  Your family, friends, and wedding planner are there to make sure this is one of the happiest times of your life, rather then a nerve-racking experience.

Wedding Planner: This is a person that should understand, relate, and create every desired detail you want in your wedding.  Therefor, this is a person that can handle a majority of wedding tasks that come up.  Don’t be shy to call on your wedding planner for anything you need a help with.

Wedding Party: Between your bridesmaids and maid-of-honor, you have a strong team of some of the closest women you have ever known.  These women are able to help you make tough decisions, stuff invitation envelopes, and put together wedding favors for your guests.  You can also delegate small tasks to the women like narrowing down bridesmaid dresses, or picking out salons for hair, make-up, and nails.  These are tasks that may be time consuming for you, but fun for your girls to be in charge of.

Family Members: Your closest family members like Mother, Grand-mother, or other relatives who may not be in the wedding party, would love to be apart of this process, so  let them help you.  You can have these people help pick out possible bakeries or cake flavors.  You can even supply them with wedding magazines and have them cut out possible bouquet and floral designs so you don’t have to spend as much time doing this.

Fiance: Don’t forget about your fiance in the wedding planning process.  Your honey may seem uninterested in the wedding details, but he is there to help as well so don’t be afraid to include him.

As a woman, I completely understand wanting to do everything by yourself, to make sure things are going just the way you’d like, but keep in mind, a little help goes a long way.  Your support system doesn’t have to make any final decisions, but it is helpful to have them narrow down choices so you have more time for other things.  For instance, choosing a bakery for your cake can be very time consuming.  Instead of having to go to 5 recommended bakeries, you can have your Mother or other relative go to all 5 of them, and give you the top 2 favorites so your tasks are cut by more than half way down.  Don’t be afraid to delegate, planning a wedding by yourself is way to overwhelming, so be sure to call on the ones you love most, especially your wedding planner;)!

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