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Trend Alert: Glitz, Glitter, Chevron!

TREND ALERT! Chevron print has made a huge statement for the Spring and Summer seasons and you will find this popular, modern print on everything from maxi skirts to home decor to – surprise- in your wedding decor! Why not add some sparkle and glitz to the already fabulous chevron print? Add this print consistently in your decor for a more dramatic effect or incorporate the print minimally to make a chic and stylish statement. Some creative ideas that we love:

Wedding and bridal shower invitations!

 Show your guests an introduction to the chevron print that you will use as an element to your theme.

chevron 1

chevron 2

Tablecloths, place cards, table cards, and more! 

The possibilities are endless when adding this print to your reception tables and even as an aisle runner. Make it your own and add as much as you would like!

   chevron 3

chevron 4

chevron 5

Cakes, bow ties, your bridesmaids gowns- oh my! How elegant is this print used on a wedding cake or even on sequined bridesmaids gowns.

chevron 6

chevron 7

chevron 9

We hope that you’re inspired to include this fabulous chevron print in your wedding day, and remember, a little glitz and glamour will never hurt!

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