Wedding Party Roles- Don’t Be Afraid To Delegate!


It is impossible to use all of your friends and family in planning your big day, so choose wisely when it comes to the wedding party. Each person should be trustworthy in that they will carry out this specific role as well as any other task they volunteer to take. Most of the time these roles are traditional, so why not spice it up a little and make new roles? Some ideas we put together to assign or offer to your wedding crew in planning the wedding day:

  • Maid of honor- this is a sister or a best friend, the person closest you. You are relying on this special person and they have your best interest in mind! Other than helping you pick out a dress, let him/her coordinate the invites, the flowers, or the photographer. They can also send out all of the thank-you notes for the gifts.
  • Bridesmaids- a dependable group of ladies mostly consisting of the the bride’s closest friends and/or family. They can assist the Maid of Honor however they can, and can even help plan and pay for the bridal shower and bachelorette party. Let them greet guests at the reception and encourage mingling, overall livening up the party and helping everyone get on the dance floor!
  • Best Man- like the Maid of Honor, the Best Man should be a reliable guy who is very close to groom. Assign him to not only plan the bachelor party, but to keep tabs on the groom and groomsmen to make sure they are on time to all of the wedding related events. He can also deliver wedding gifts to the newlywed’s home.
  • Groomsmen- just like the bridesmaids, groomsmen should be the groom’s closet friends and/or family. They assist the Best Man however they can, and can help plan and pay for the bachelor party. Let them escort guests to their seats as well as decorate the wedding car!
  • Parents of the bride and groom- they can also help assist in putting the guest list together, as well as any other wedding details you would like them to help with. Allow them to research venues and choose the best fit according to your theme. Let them give you the moral support you’ll need on the big day and delegate them to handle the flow of the schedule to avoid any problems that may arise.

Communication and organization are key when planning your wedding and all parties involved should have a clear understanding of their duties. Always remember the wedding party is there to help, but hiring a wedding planner would be the best route to take to alleviate most of the unnecessary stresses!


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