Reinventing Mom’s Wedding Gown

mom gown 1

I’m sure mom would love for you to rock her vintage gown overflowing with ruffles and layers on your big day, but let’s be honest- wearing a gown from the 70’s or 80’s may alert the fashion police. With styles and trends constantly changing, there are new, fresh options to choose from but molding a piece of your mother’s gown into yours is something to cherish. There are definitely ways to incorporate it somehow, whether it be in the gown, garter, or even the ring pillow.

Here are some creative tips to reinvent mom’s wedding gown:

Tip 1: Bouquet wraps! Use lace or ribbon cut from the dress and wrap it around your bouquet.

mom gown 2

Tip 2: Pocket squares for the groom and groomsmen! Use the satin lining of the vintage gown to make pocket squares. Really easy and inexpensive done by simply cutting the silk or stain on the gown into square pieces and then folding them into triangles.

mom gown 3

Tip 3: Make a hairpiece and/or accessories! DIY and turn the buttons from the gown into vintage stud earrings. You can also use the flowers or bows from the heirloom dress to make hair clips or a hair piece.

mom gown 4

Tip 4: Something for the flower girl(s)! Line or cover the petal basket with lace or fabric. Or you can even make an entire dress or skirt for the girls.

mom gown 5

Tip 5: Make a fabulous ring pillow! Wedding gown fabric is perfect for a ring pillow.

mom gown 6

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