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Beyond Cake

Part of the central component to the wedding reception is indulging in a tiered wedding cake. If you’ve been to any weddings lately I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s not just about the cake anymore with options such as self-serve candy bars, cupcakes on stacked tiers, and chocolate fountains. Say you’re not a wedding cake couple- don’t feel obligated to include a cake! Opting out gives you the option to be original and research into what sweet treats you and the groom really want to see at your wedding.

Some questions to ask yourselves to help narrow down what confections would be ideal for your wedding:

– Where did you grow up? Did you and groom grow up in the same town? Was there a local specialty dessert that represents that area?

– What are your favorite comfort food desserts? Hot fudge cake, apple pie, donuts?

– What dessert did you and the groom share on your first date, if any? Or anniversary dinner? If neither, any favorite dessert you and the groom both share.


Go beyond a cake and look over some of these options to present to your guests for a delectable dessert experience.


dessert 7

A more fun approach to your wedding cake- assorted cupcakes on stacked tiers that allow guests to choose their flavor. Any other small cake or pastry would work as well, fit it to your theme and taste!

dessert 1

Down South goes for the pies! Include a dessert station with pies, tarts, or macaroons so guests can pick what they like or you can even have these mini desserts passed on trays like hors d’oeuvres.

dessert 3

A chocolate fountain shaped like a tiered cake is a creative twist if you’re a chocolate lover. Choose from many dipping options like fresh fruit, brownies, and marshmallows. Choose from white, milk, or a dark chocolate fountain- there’s even an option to use colored chocolate.

dessert 4

Include an ice cream bar to give your guests a scoop of satisfaction. Frozen yogurt, popsicles, or a sundae bar are some cool options- just make sure to serve it quickly and keep it cold.

dessert 5

dessert 6

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