Creative Ideas for Your Wedding Program

The function of the wedding program is to inform your guests about the wedding ceremony, wedding party, and history. It can include many features such as names of everyone involved in the ceremony, songs that will be played, and history of how the bride and groom met.  A traditional wedding program is a folded sheet of standard-sized printing paper in a color matching the wedding theme- boring! It’s time to discover a new realm of wedding programs, ones that will excite your guests for the show that is about to go on.

1. Chalkboard 

The chalkboard theme is a huge trend in modern weddings and we love it. Instead of handing your guests a piece of paper as the wedding program add a visual effect by writing the program details on a chalkboard.

program 2

2. Color- Wheel 

If you love interior design or you might even be an interior designer, this idea would be perfect. It’s a program in a color-wheel style that is simple and organized.

program 33. Illustrations

How cute are these programs with illustrations of everyone in the ceremony that looks a bit Mad Men– inspired. This would be ideal for the retro bride or retro style wedding.

program 54. Paper Bag

Perfect for a vintage style wedding, this program is printed on a paper bag. Add flower petals or confetti inside to shower the bride and groom after the “I Do’s”.

program 65. Program Fan

Print the program on a paper fan preferably for an outdoor wedding to keep guests cool.

program 16. Latest News

Share your love story with a newspaper-inspired wedding program! Plus, the back has a crossword puzzle, which will keep guests entertained until your big walk down the aisle.

program 7

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