Chalkboard Trend

Who would’ve thought that the chalkboards you used in high school can now be used as a unique wedding idea? This chalkboard trend is totally genius, DIY, and we love it. You can really get artsy and have fun with this- use it as signage leading guests to the venue or even as invitations! Let these fantastic chalkboard ideas we found add a rustic and whimsical touch to your wedding.


chalkboard 1

Use it to allow your guests to like and tag your wedding photos on social networks- now that’s creative!

chalkboard 2

Chalkboards add a personalized touch to weddings. Use it as signage to lead your guests in the right direction.

chalkboard 3

Create chalkboard signs for your seats at the reception- experiment with different fonts to compliment your wedding theme.

chalkboard 4

 This idea was our favorite- use it as a backdrop for bride and groom as well as wedding guests.


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