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Wedding Guest Etiquette: 4 Major Don’ts

As we all know, weddings are pretty much one big celebration. Friends and family from near and far all come together to celebrate the bride, the groom, their love for each other, and their future together. But whether it’s a giant party or a small intimate gathering, there are still a few things you shouldn’t do to add to the festivities. We have pretty much seen them all, so here’s a quick list of things we recommend avoiding over any wedding weekend.

No Proposals

While many people see this one as a no brainer, others don’t see the harm. Regardless of your relationship to the bride or groom, you are there to celebrate them and their love story, not your own. There is already so much that is going on and so many emotions, that it is just best for everyone to hold off on something so big such as a proposal. There will be plenty of other times for this, and we promise you your new fiancé will love you just as much then!

No Baby Announcements

We totally get that a wedding weekend is filled with family and fun, you get to see people you may not see often and it could feel like the perfect time for something like this…but it’s really not. While everyone is sure to be so excited for you and the fact that you’re bringing a little one into the world, it takes away some of the excitement of the wedding and takes the focus off the bride and groom. If you feel like you absolutely have to tell everyone at this time please at least wait until the morning after brunch, and make sure to run it by the bride and groom first!


Photo by Mike Olbinksi

No Added Drama

Whether it’s bringing along your on again off again boyfriend you were asked to leave at home, or it’s showing up 45 minutes late to rehearsal wearing a completely inappropriate outfit, there really is no need to shake things up unnecessarily. Keep in mind that for many brides and grooms, nerves are pretty high leading up to a wedding. Adding drama to the mix just adds more stress and things for them to worry about so if you even kind of think it might be a bad or questionable idea, finding another option is probably best for everyone.

No Other Big Announcements

Again, we understand that this may be a rare opportunity to have everyone in one place, but we still highly recommend against making any sort of announcement that will take away from the weekend’s celebrations. It doesn’t matter if it’s about you moving or getting that promotion you have been working so hard towards, just hold off a little bit longer in sharing. Something that might be exciting and new to you, could bring mixed emotions for someone else, and we definitely don’t want anything other than happy tears flowing during such an exciting time!

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