Rainy Day Options

One thing we love about Arizona is that it’s definitely no Seattle. Our sunny days far outweigh rainy days and even when the forecast calls for rain, we usually see it followed with sunny skies. Sunny days paired with gorgeous scenery, it’s no wonder so many brides choose Arizona for their destination weddings!

Although we pull out our sunglasses way more than we pull out our umbrellas, Mother Nature doesn’t typically care about our agendas and sometimes likes to shake things up a bit by throwing in some showers when we least expect it. And sometimes this just so happens to be on a wedding weekend. We have seen it all when it comes to weddings so we know how stressful an unexpected storm can be when you have the perfect outdoor wedding planned. But a little rain is no reason to worry or freak out on your wedding day. Here’s a few ways to embrace the rain and keep your day as perfect and gorgeous as ever.

Add a Tent


Photo by Ray Santana


Many brides check the forecast religiously, so if you’re one of those brides and see there’s a chance of rain you may want to look into a tent option. We love this option because it allows you to keep the setting you love with only minimal changes in design. You get to keep that perfect backdrop while everyone gets to keep nice and dry. Most rental companies will allow you to place a hold on the tenting, and then as the day approaches you will want to make the call on using it or sticking with the original plan. You usually have about a 24 hour window to make the decision so if you have any doubts, just going with it may be your best option. Worst case scenario is it doesn’t rain and you have a tent that your wonderful wedding planner and florist have made look as if it were part of the plan the whole time!

Move Inside


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While this may not be what you wanted, it is always a great back up plan. Some venues have indoor settings that are just as beautiful as your original option. I mean, have you been inside of the Phoenician? You’ll want to see if your venue offers this as a Plan B and see what type of heads up they require for a change like this. One nice thing about moving things inside is that there typically aren’t any costs associated with this, and if there are they are usually minimal in comparison to something such as adding a tent.

Just Go With It


Photo by Andrew Jade Photography

If you are absolutely in love with your spot or you don’t have a back up option available to you, you can always just go with it! That’s what umbrellas are for right? Look into buying some umbrellas for yourself and your guests, prepare for your dress to be a little dirtier than planned, and enjoy every second of it. While rain may seem like the worst thing ever, we promise you it’s really not. You still get to marry the love of your life in front of your friends and family, all while looking absolutely stunning. Plus, have you seen photos from rainy weddings?! They are incredible!!

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Grand Canyon photo by Mike Olbinski

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