Wedding Planning: Best Order to Hire Vendors

The order in which you hire your wedding vendors is crucial!  There many different charts, blogs, and timelines available to help you with this process but you may notice each will very a bit.  We wanted to take this opportunity  to share with you what WE recommend as professional and experienced wedding planners.

How To: Incorporating Technology Into Your Wedding

By now we have all seen the video by the brilliant person who decided to attach a GoPro to a bottle of Fireball and pass it around their wedding. It’s fun, it’s different, it’s perfect! In a world full of selfie sticks and hashtags, incorporating technology into weddings in some way or another has become […]

Inspiration for Wedding Planners

Early last week, BizBash, a pioneer company in our event industry, released a super informative blog which was titled 25 Event Pros You Should Be Following on Instagram.  Just like the title says, they listed their opinion for the 25 most influential Instagram accounts in the event industry.  As wedding planners, we were so excited to […]

Wedding Showcase: Musical Instrument Museum, Scottsdale AZ

  Recently, we were invited to be a preferred vendor at the Musical Instrument Museum, Phoenix, AZ.  This is a huge honor being as we were 1 of only 2 planners who were hand picked by this elite venue to be apart of their weddings and events.  The MIM hosted an open house for newly engaged couples who […]

New Year, Newly ENGAGED!

Very recently, as some of you may know, I just got engaged.  As a wedding planner, I thought it would be fun to take you, all of our followers through my journey as I plan my own wedding.  So stay connected as I share the details to planning my very own wedding!

Writing Your Vows…

“You can’t measure love, nor can you adequately describe it to another person. Perhaps more than any other emotion, you know it when you feel it.”                   I recently found a book while browsing through Anthropologie one day titled, LOVE Quotes and Passages from the heart, edited […]

Wedding Dilemma: My Future Mother-In-Law is Trying To Plan My Wedding

Planning your wedding is a task that should not be done solely by you- the bride- of course, because there will always be family and friends by your side helping you make decisions. Let’s say your hubby’s mother is also offering to help you out with the planning, but she is being extra pushy and […]

15 Lovely Ideas For A Cold-Weather Wedding

Arizona may not be the coldest state in the winter but it does get rather chilly. If you’re one of the lucky brides planning to have your wedding during these next few cold months, there a ton of themes you could go with to match the season. Winter weddings can be beautiful and right in […]

Suspended Chandeliers Will Make Your Wedding Shine

Placing a suspended chandelier in your wedding will add that “wow” factor you may be searching for. Whether you place them indoor or outdoor, the space that you choose to use them will make a considerable difference in the setting. For example, the outdoor ceremony has become a popular choice, so brides who want to […]

Wedding Color Trend Prediction

New colors we love seeing together for weddings are gray and yellow!  We have seen this color scheme for a little while now, but it hasn’t been one of the top picks.  Lately we have been seeing it more and more.  We think this is going to continue to grow in popularity because it is […]