Suspended Chandeliers Will Make Your Wedding Shine

Placing a suspended chandelier in your wedding will add that “wow” factor you may be searching for. Whether you place them indoor or outdoor, the space that you choose to use them will make a considerable difference in the setting.

For example, the outdoor ceremony has become a popular choice, so brides who want to dress up the space turn to chandeliers. They can be suspended from trees or from the middle floral-created alters provided by the floral designer. If there aren’t trees in the outdoor space, your lighting designer can find alternative ways to suspend the chandelier to complete your vision.

Some creative suspended chandelier options that we love:

chandelier 1

chandelier 3

Gorgeous floral options to assemble over guest tables at the reception.

chandelier 4

chandelier 5

Hang a chandelier with drapery to place attention and emphasis on a dessert or food table.

chandelier 6

chandelier 7

chandelier 8

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