Wedding Planning: Best Order to Hire Vendors


The order in which you hire your wedding vendors is crucial!  There many different charts, blogs, and timelines available to help you with this process but you may notice each will very a bit.  We wanted to take this opportunity  to share with you what WE recommend as professional and experienced wedding planners.

Wait…one more thing:)  Before even beginning to research and hire your vendors, you have to have a wedding budget created.  This is a must!!!  You have to know how much you have available for each vendor.  We see this mistake often when we are hired later in the wedding planning process.  Sometimes couples will hire the photographer of their dreams, before understanding that they have just spent way too much of their budget and are now strapped for funds for their food and beverage.  It ends up getting super stressful when couples do not have their budget set in the very beginning of their planning process.  Take it from us, budget first!!!

After a realistic budget….or “spending plan” (as Alex likes to call it) is created, you are now ready to hire your wedding dream team.  Here is the order we suggest:

**Keep in mind, this is only including the vendors who will be there on the day of your wedding.  This does not include vendors like your dress designer and invitation designer.

Vendor Order

If you have any questions regarding this list or anything else wedding planning related, please feel free to contact us directly  We are happy to help with any questions.

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