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90s Are Back!

One of the only times where you can get a good idea of what the future holds is during Fashion Week. And after this week, we believe the future is telling us that the 90s are continuing into 2018 in the form of neon and classic hair accessories.  

Just when you thought the days of Fresh Prince, Friends, and Seinfeld are over, the 90s made their way back into our hearts. We’ve recently noticed this trend in all the plaid and neon plastered through TopShop and Zara and, as expected New York Fashion Week reflected these trends as well. We anticipated that this trend would trickle its way into weddings and right on cue, we see Kim Kardashian West at 2 Chain’s wedding sporting a neon green latex dress.

Below we’ve compiled a list of hairstyles we can totally see a bride work on her wedding day as well as dress options for guests.

Hair Styles


Want to purchase? You can find it here!

You can find this scrunchy here!


Find Kim K’s statement headband here!

Dress Options




Ladies, let us know if you would strut your stuff down the aisle with one of these hairstyles. If you’re going to be a guest at a wedding, let us know which neon dress you can see yourself in.




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