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Weddings: Choosing Your Colors

Soon to be Brides and Grooms are bombarded with many choices that need to be decided upon early in the wedding planning process.  Choosing the right colors for your wedding is one of the first big choices a couple must decide on.  With so many different colors, not to mention the variation of shades in different colors, this choice may seem to be a bit much!  Here are a few guidelines, to help you in the decision making process:

– Think about colors that reflect you as a couple.  What are your personalities like?  Soft and subtle, out-going and fun, serious and sophisticated, or modern and bold?  This is a good starting point to gather together a list of possible wedding colors.

– After you have reflected about the colors that represent you two, together, now think about the season you will be getting married in.  This will help you narrow your list down a little more.  For instance, if you are getting married in the winter months, you may want to avoid light and bright colors.  Fabrics and decor in these shades are more available in the summer and harder to get ahold of throughout the colder months.  Planning your wedding is much easier and flows wonderfully when the wedding color is in synch with the season in which the wedding is taking place.

-Your list of possibles should be much smaller by this step.  The next thing to take into consideration is possible venues where the wedding may be held.  In this stage of the wedding planning process, it is not necessary to have a set venue, but it is important to have a few places in mind.  At the very least, it would be helpful to know if the wedding will be held inside or outside, or in a traditional romantic location or one that is more trendy and happening.  Try to envision your possible colors in the settings your wedding may be held, and get an idea of how the colors will look in these areas.  It is important for things to flow.

After these steps are complete, you should have your color picked out.  If not, you will at least have far less selections then you did before.  Other ways to cut color choices down are deciding upon a theme.  Most themes will cut out tons of color choices, making your decision much easier.  I also recommend going through bridal magazines.  This will help you get an idea of what different colors look like from an outside perspective.

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