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Creating a Gift Registry

There has got to be some sort of science to creating a gift registration.  With so much to think about, and so many things you need, where do you even start? Here are some tips that have helped turn some of my clients into gift registration masters!

1. Start Early: Whether you are getting ready for a wedding or baby shower, get a head start by jotting down items you can’t live with out.

2. Divide List: Make sure your list is divided by the rooms in your house.  This will help you stay organized and allow you to think of everything.  This also helps you stay on track when you get to the store you choose to register at.  Most stores are also sectioned by rooms in the house.

3. Choosing Stores: I recommend registering at 2 places.  This offers convenience for your guests.  Everyone is bound to live close to at least one of the stores.  But here’s where it gets tricky: even though you are registering at two stores, do not duplicate items.  For instance: if you are adding utensils to your list, add them to the registry with the store that offers your favorite design or the best value.  Otherwise you may end up with two of everything.  When choosing stores to register at, be sure at least one of them offers an easy to use on-line registry, for out of town guests as well as guests who prefer the ease of on-line shopping. Another thing to take into consideration, is customer service as well as the return policy of the store you are registering at.  Just incase something is purchased in the wrong color or duplicated, you want to be sure you will be accommodated if changes need to be made.

4. Pricing: when choosing items for your registry, be sure you are not always choosing the most expensive brand.  This is okay to do with some items, but try to avoid doing this through out the entire gift list, trust me, your guests will notice.  Be sure your registry has a large variety as far as how items are priced.  If you tend to have expensive taste but majority of your guests are on a smaller budget, you don’t want to offend anyone.  At the same time, you don’t want to sell yourself short by only adding inexpensive items because you don’t know what your guests may have in mind for you.  Best rule of thumb is to create a variety of objects your guests can choose from.

Take your time when developing your registry, but have it available for guests with adequate time for them to plan and pick out the special gift they want to give to you. Do your research on items you are adding, items that are considered by others as “must-haves”, and on the stores you are choosing to register at.  Consult with a close friend or family members as well as your event planner for their input.  This is a large and very important list you need to come up with, so be sure nothing is overlooked.

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