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Wedding Trends: Blush Flower Girl Dresses

Blush flower girl 13Flower girls are always adorable!  There is just something about a tiny little lady in a beautiful dress or gown that just always makes us smile!  We love finding the perfect flower girl dresses and accessories for our brides.  Lately we have been super drawn to all things blush.   The dresses, the sashes, the shoes, the baskets, the crowns, etc… you name it, we love it in blush:)  We have a flower girl board on our pinterest page that you should definitely check out, especially if you are in the market for some pretty inspiration for your flower girl attire and accessories.  Click the link here: Flower Girl to see more.

The color blush comes in many difference shades, some with more of a pink undertone, other’s with more of a peach huh, or even a strong champagne variation.  The truth we we love them all!  Our expert opinion as far as design goes,  is don’t get caught up on matching your blush shades just right.  A little variation can add an incredible sherbet affect to your wedding design.  Go with it!  Your photos will look stunning.

Here are some beautiful photos we picked to share with you.  These are some of our absolute favorite:

Blush flower girl 1

Blush Flower girl 2

blush flower girl 6

Blush flower girl 16

blush flower girl 9Blush flower girl 12

blush flower girl 11

Blush flower girl 4

Blush flower girl 10

blush flower girl 5

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