Cool Off For the 4th

Planning on hosting your own 4th of July party? With average temperatures in Arizona as high as 120 degrees lately (yikes!), you’ll need some extra-cold, tasty drinks to cool down your guests this summer holiday. Whip up and drink up some of our favorite red, white and blue cocktails!


Red, White and Blue Vodka Cocktail


2 ounces cherry vodka

1 ounce homemade simple syrup*

6 ripe cherries, pitted and halved

6 blueberries

3 large mint leaves

Soda water


In a cocktail shaker, muddle cherries and mint leaves with simple syrup.

Add the vodka with ice and shake.

After pouring, add blueberries and top with soda water.

*homemade simple syrup- boil 1 part water, add 1 part sugar until sugar is dissolved- cool in refrigerator and use as a sweetener to any drink


4th of July Tequila Splash


1 ounce watermelon schnapps

1 big splash cranberry juice

1 very thin slice of jalapeño or serrano pepper

1 slice lemon

1 slice lime

1 1/2 ounces tequila

1/4 ounce blue curacao

1/2 ounce simple syrup

Watermelon wedge, for garnish (optional)


Mix the schnapps and cranberry juice in a shaker; pour into an ice- filled glass.

Muddle the jalapeño pepper, lemon and lime slices, tequila, blue curacao, and simple syrup in the shaker.

Slowly strain into the glass over the red layer.

Garnish with watermelon, if desired.


Watermelon- Blueberry Cooler


6 ounces watermelon

1 ounce blueberry vodka

1-2 lemon wedges


Blue decorating sugar (optional for rim)


Puree watermelon, vodka and juice of one lemon wedge in a blender.

Add ice (to desired thickness) and blend until smooth.

If sugaring the rim, pour a small amount of blue decorating sugar onto a plate. Run lemon wedge around the rim of the glass. Dip rim in sugar.

Pour cocktail into glass.

Cheers and happy 4th of July from BTS Event Management!

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