On Trend: High and Low Bridal Gowns

BTS is here to break down what’s trending in the world of weddings! Today we’re going to talk about bridal gowns. Specifically, high and low.

Brides who are dress shopping, take some notes on what we’re about to say: HIGH AND LOW WEDDING GOWNS ARE TRENDING. And we are so absolutely here for the look. Let’s talk about why.

Let’s start with a high low gown being your best second dress option. By reception time you’ll have had a drink or two in your system. So it’s only right that your outfit is business in the back and party in the front. With a high low gown, you have room to dance around and really enjoy the wedding reception.



The days of the detatcheable skirt are over. Well, maybe not all the way. But if you’re tired of seeing the detachable skirt, try a high low gown. Take a look at some of our high low favs, and let us know which you’d choose for your big day.


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