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Dress Trends, Spring 2017

It’s no secret that NY Fashion Week is right around the corner so, we definitely feel that it is an appropriate time to dive into the biggest wedding season trends for the Spring of 2017.  I mean, come on, Spring is technically right around the corner and these trends are too!  Take a look into what we have found!

We all know blush made it’s way through many resorts and down a ton of aisles but lavender?  We’ve seen it before – but let’s do it again.  Trend color this coming season!  Keep an eye out for lavender gowns with all the glam.  Sure to be a show stopper.



Off the shoulder – what about on the shoulder?  Can a girl get some sleeves please?!  Coming from a cap sleeved lover, be on the look out for not long, but short sleeve tops that really put design over the edge.


Nude is in and well, its really going no where according to Kim K but even more so – Naked is in too!  Less is seemingly the more on the up and up.  Cut outs cut outs cut outs! More skin is never a bad idea.  Sorry mom and dad – you may see this from your baby girl more often.


Can it be short?  Can it be long? I don’t know, I don’t know!  Real head and neck turners here.  Long to short pieces that have you second guessing what she is wearing.  No longer do you need to traditional floor length dresses, just something stunning.



Ok!  That is all I have for now but we are definitely not going to leave you hanging for Fashion Week.  Cause really – that’s what life is all about, isn’t it?

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