On this week’s episode of the She Said Yes Podcast, we’re talking about everything that should happen in the last month of wedding planning! We know that this can be  a very stressful time and we want to help you get through it all. So make sure you take a listen.

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Just to give you a couple hints on what last minute things we’re touching on this week’s episode, you can expect to hear about the following:

  • RSVPs and how they change.
  • When you should print wedding documents, i.e., menus, itineraries, ect.
  • When you should rearrange tables.
  • How to handle out of town guest when you have 100,000,000 other things to worry about.
  • When to prepare or when to delegate.
  • When to create welcome packages for guests.

Sticking with the theme of last-minute wedding planning details, one question we get all the time is “When should I get my spray tan?” This is why we have celebrity spray tanner, Brittney from @bebronzestudio. She’s answering all your spray tanning questions.

Before we let you go, have you heard Mariah Carey is selling her 35-carat engagement ring? Yes, crazy right? On this episode, we’re talking about what we would do if we were in Mariah Carey’s shoes. Tune in to hear our answers–they’re kinda funny.

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Bridal stylist is not a term you hear often when you think of wedding planning. The first vendors that come to mind are florists, photographers, videographers, or even wedding planners. The bridal stylist is largely overlooked. But weddings with a stylist are largely vital

We have an affinity for fashion, so it’s no surprise to us that the weddings of the brides, who hire a bridal stylist are often the most praised, for the complete look of the wedding. Because we hate seeing the bridal stylist get overlooked when hiring vendors to help you on your wedding day, we came up with three reasons why you should hire a bridal stylist.

As you go through the list, we’ll show you some of our favorite fashion-forward BTS weddings.

1. cut out the noise when saying yes to the dress

Have you heard the phrase, “too many chefs in the kitchen”? It’s when too many people are trying to control or influence a situation. This is what we recommend staying away from when the bride is saying “yes, to the dress.”

Finding the perfect dress is already stressful enough.  You’re trying to find the dress you haven’t already seen a bride wear. The dress that matches your wedding venue. The dress that compliments your body. The dress that doesn’t overshadow the groom. With so many things to consider, too many chefs in the kitchen can lead you into choosing a dress for the wrong reasons.

Entrusting a bridal stylist with searching for the right gown for you is a decision we can’t speak more highly of. It streamlines the process, may open your eyes to designs and designers you haven’t thought of, and so much more.

2. help the groom

Now, to be clear. All grooms are not fashionably-challenged. We’ve had many grooms in the past, whose fashion was ON POINT. But we’d be naive to think that’s all of our grooms. There are a couple dilemmas we often see when it comes to grooms picking out their tux:

  • Not thinking wedding day is also about them and just settling for a black tux.
  • Wanting to step out of the box a little bit, but not quite executing the look.
  • Wanting to step out of the box a little bit, but not sure how or where to start.
  • Wanting advice, but not wanting to ask their wife to keep that element of surprise between the bride and groom.

Hiring a bridal stylist for the reasons above can take tons of unnecessary stress off of an already stressful time. Let the stylist do the heavy lifting and help you with feeling and looking your best on your wedding day. After all, grooms, this day is about you too!

3. coordinate the entire bridal party

Just as the bride and groom should compliment each other, so should the bridal party. That includes everyone, mother and father of the bride and groom, ring bearer, best man, maid of honor, groomsmen and bridesmaids. You want everyone to cohesively compliment one another.

Now that you’ve got the rundown of why it’s important to hire a bridal stylist if you’re looking for one, please email info@btseventmanagement.com. We’d love to consult you on your wedding day fashion needs.



2018 is here and we couldn’t be more excited to kick off the year with SET magazine to talk about wedding planning. Everyone is just about recovering from the holiday hangover, but we’re over here swooning over all of the holiday engagements. That being said, it’s only right that we share our partnership with SET Weddings where we came up with the ultimate wedding planning to-do list. This list will help you fine-tune all the elements of your big day.

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It’s official. The date for the royal wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle has been selected, and it will happen May 19, 2018.  That means all the wedding planning has started, and we couldn’t be more excited to follow along!

First things first…the wedding dress must be selected. Rumor has it that Meghan Markle and the Royal Family requested for designer Inbal Dror to draw sketches of potential bridal gowns. Of course, Miss Dror came back with 3 fabulous sketches and we are so excited to share them with you:

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2017 is nearing its end and we’re compiling some of the top wedding trends of 2017. Looking back, we’ve incorporated all of these trends into our coordination and design of weddings. Without further ado, here are the top wedding trends of 2017.

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Jumpsuits are very on trend for bridal festivities, especially an all-white jumpsuit. Because of this, we compiled three runway videos of our favorite all-white jumpsuits from Asos. Thousands of views and saves later, we got a message from one of our followers.

Well @copperphotoco, this blog is for you and your lovely brides. Keep reading to find the five jumpsuits that will have people leaving fire emojis under your pics.

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This royal engagement has been everywhere. And everyone here at BTS is totally here for it! Not to mention, we’re super fans of suits. Did anyone else binge watch? No? Ok, us either.

I mean, we all saw this coming. We’ve been fangirling over this goals couple since last September when they were first spotted out publicly together.

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We’re seeing them more often, and it’s our duty to tell you about it. Wedding day leather jackets. Most, and even us, would say Mrs. Kardashian West herself started this trend with her and Kanye’s iconic just married jackets. We were here for them then, and here for them now!

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Let’s just be honest . . . you can never go wrong by wearing black to a wedding. Black is sleek, sexy, classy, and the perfect color to wear to keep from upstaging the beautiful bride or anyone in the wedding party. On the other hand . . . we get it, black can also feel boring at times, and like you are just blending in with the crowd when you wear it. Your right, there are a lot of black dresses that do blend in, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. We have found 4 perfect black dresses that will keep people dropping compliments to you all night while watching your closest friends tie the knot:

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After all the excitement from the proposal slows down, you should start thinking about your engagement session. This is, after all, one of the first impressions of your union. You want it to be as stunning as we know you are. With that being said, we’ve made it easy for you and broke down the top 5 locations to take your engagement photos.

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