She Said Yes Podcast Season 2, Ep. 1 Recap: LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX

What advice would you give any woman about sex before her big day? Is there such thing as sexually compatible? Are there sexual things couples should talk about before tying the knot? What are two things you would be surprised most couples don’t know about sex? Those are just a few of the questions guest, Dr. Resa is answering for us on this episode. Trust us, this is a good one. 

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For the season opener, we’re pushing the limit! We told you from the start of launching our podcast, that we’d talk about everything and anything weddings. Nothing is off limits with us. That includes sex. That being said, it’s only right to bring on sex expert, Dr. Resa to help us navigate through this taboo with all of our listeners.

This episode is for everyone and anyone, no matter if you’re newlyweds, married, dating, virgin or non-virgin. There’s some good stuff for everyone. So take a listen and let us know what you think in the comments.





What’s In Our Cart! Honeymoon Edition

Hey newlyweds and our soon to be newlyweds! We’re back at it again with What’s in Our Cartbut this time honeymoon edition! Finally, after getting through all of the wedding planning it’s time to shop for that long anticipated honeymoon of yours. I’m sure you can already picture yourself now sitting next to your hubs, on the beach, with an ice cold Piña Colada in hand. Well…Before you drift too far into your honeymoon daydreams we need to tell you the must haves for your first vacay as a Mrs.

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Honeymoon Spotlight: Borgo Santo Pietro

Wait until you see the details about this amazing honeymoon location, it will have you looking for your passport and booking your flights before your even finished reading this through;)  Borgo Santo Pietro in is located in Tuscany, Italy.  Of course there are tons of beautiful honeymoon spots around the world, but being the wedding planners we are, we have made it our mission to find the extra special places to share with you! The Borgo is just that…EXTRA special!  It is an intimate style boutique hotel which was created by a couple, head over heels in love with each other, who wanted to share the gem they discovered with many other lovebirds.  Check out some of these photos:

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Honeymoon Getaway: Taj Exotica, Secret Island in Maldives!

The honeymoon is definitely one of the main events newlyweds look forward too after their big day! I mean, who wouldn’t be? All of the built up stress and butterflies is finally relieved and you and your loved one are finally ready to relax and actually enjoy each other’s company.  In the process of planning your own honeymoon?  Check out this absolutely incredible destination spot!  Welcome to the Taj Exotica Resort & Spa located on one of the many secret Maldives Islands. This breathtaking resort takes up the ENTIRE island that is surrounded by the sparkling blue waters of the Indian Ocean.  Even better yet, each couple gets their own private villa. You are literally only a few steps away from the water as you wake up each morning! There are amazing dining options located poolside but even better yet, oceanfront too!  Why not have a pool to relax in while being able to enjoy the ocean view as well?  There are also exquisite fine dining restaurants throughout the island but even more exciting than all of this is the very private pavilion that stands smack dab in the middle of the ocean where you can enjoy a very romantic meal as husband and wife!

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