Honeymoon Spotlight: Borgo Santo Pietro

Wait until you see the details about this amazing honeymoon location, it will have you looking for your passport and booking your flights before your even finished reading this through;)  Borgo Santo Pietro in is located in Tuscany, Italy.  Of course there are tons of beautiful honeymoon spots around the world, but being the wedding planners we are, we have made it our mission to find the extra special places to share with you! The Borgo is just that…EXTRA special!  It is an intimate style boutique hotel which was created by a couple, head over heels in love with each other, who wanted to share the gem they discovered with many other lovebirds.  Check out some of these photos:


This destination is tucked away in desolate gardens of Italy, which is so romantic. There are different suites and villas in the Borgo that are full of unique and beautiful architecture!

villa1 villa3 villa2 Villa4

One of the options that really caught my attention were the Garden Suites. You literally step out your room and onto your own private little garden patio that comes equipped with a stunning view.

garden view 2 garden viewgarden3

Another part I wanted to share with you is called the “Ultimate Seclusion”. There are only two of these rooms available, but they are so perfect for honeymooners. The interior design of these rooms is just perfect.

room1   Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 7.04.02 PMusScreen Shot 2015-07-17 at 7.06.04 PM

Of course we had to research the spa!  Borgo’s spa is so peaceful and tranquil, you’ll never want to leave. spa1 spa2 spa3

Ok so aside from the beautiful architecture, breathtaking views, and amazing spa, there is still one more important area we want to tell you about….food and wine!  The cuisine in Italy has a reputation for being absolutely exceptional and it is clear that the Borgo Santo Pietro does not disappoint either.  All of their produce is organic and naturally grown in their gardens and on their farms. They truly want you to have the best of the best and you can’t get better than this.

There is the Meo Modo, which is their main restaurant that is constantly serving amazing dishes breakfast through dinner.

MeoModorisotto.jpg__630x420_q85_crop-True_upscale-True fish.jpg__630x420_q85_crop-True_upscale-True

Talk about yum!!

They also have a Treehouse Bar that is perfect for casual cocktails or a mid afternoon snack.  This place looks adorable!

bar bar2 bar3

When you are there for your honeymoon, they offer a special romantic candlelit dinner for two on the terrace…so pretty!!!

romantic dinner

Well that about sums up the awesomeness of the Borgo Santo Pietro!  So was I right…Are you booking your reservations now?  Lol, hope you enjoyed!!


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