Wedding Centerpieces: How to Save Money

When planning a wedding, one of the quickest things that rack up costs are the flowers.  Flowers are a great way to decorate an event but after the expense of bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and rose petals, it may be difficult to accept the even larger expenses of centerpieces and aisle decor.  Not to worry, there are several alternatives to costly floral centerpiece arrangements.  Here are some money saving ideas:

1) My first tip pertains to those who really cant imagine not having floral designs to decorate their tables: Choose inexpensive flowers!  As long as you have a creative florist, he or she can make any floral arrangement look like a million bucks.  Your wedding planner will have great referrals for gifted florists.  Carnations, baby’s breath, and even grass are all low cost and can be used in beautiful and creative ways.  Here are some examples:

Carnation Centerpiece
Baby’s Breath Centerpiece
Grass Centerpiece

2) If you are okay with leaving florals behind, there are a ton of options that will decorate your tables and keep costs drastically down.  One of my favorites is the use of pictures and picture frames.  Family pictures, engagement pictures, or pictures of the couple throughout their relationship are great to use with this idea:

Picture Frame Centerpiece

Another original idea is the use of fish and fish tanks.  It is a great look and the fish can be given away, after the reception to close family members, the wedding party, or child guests as a reminder of your special day:

Goldfish Centerpiece

Some more traditional and beautiful floral alternative centerpieces are candles along with mirrors to give an elegant gleaming feel, and vintage birdcages for a cute classic look:

Candle Centerpiece

Birdcage Centerpiece

So as you can see, the possibilities are endless.  Especially if you have a theme for your wedding, your event planner will be able to give you great creative ideas for centerpieces that will have your wedding looking amazing, with out the high cost of floral arrangements.

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