Cream Wedding Trend Dream

Let’s go neutral, and by neutral I mean……really barely any color variation at all. Creams.  An incredibly romantic color used as the overall color scheme for a Cream Wedding Dream.  You like the way we rhymed that?  LOL 🙂  Ok, now down to some serious wedding design business, we can’t wait to show you this […]

Top 3 Non-traditional Tuxedo Options

Now, nothing is wrong when the groom wears a black and white tuxedo. It’s classic, and here at BTS we’re all about a classic, timeless look. But, we’re also all about fashion forward statement pieces. And that’s why we’re hear. We have four non-traditional tuxedo options for your non-traditional groom.

Must Haves: Solid Color Bridesmaid Dresses & Shoes

Recently we took to our Instagram Stories (@btseventmanagement) to ask our followers about which type of bridesmaid dresses they preferred . . . prints or solids? Many people responded and told us they have been seeing a lot of patterns lately, but overall most people mentioned that they love a good solid colored dress.

Modern Wedding Color Palette: Going Green

We went for a modern twist on the timeless black and white wedding color scheme by adding in some pops of greenery. Greenery is all the rage, especially with Pantone naming it the color of the year, but we are going green in a different way. We are saying, “move over eucalypts” and “hello big giant lush palm leaves!”

What’s In Our Cart: White Workout Wear

Now that you have that bling on your finger, it’s time to start sweating for the wedding. What better way to prepare than to outfit yourself with all white workout gear? As always, we’ve added a few items to our cart that are must have purchases for your wedding fitness preparation. Check them out below:

The Modern Pink Wedding

Pink weddings can seem a little scary to some.  Some may ask, “Does this mean ruffles, glitter and sequin?”  Absolutely not–if we have anything to do with it! Lol. If they are done right, they can be so elegant and beautiful. This is why we’re going to share with you our take on this color […]

Top 5 Honeymoon Swim Suits

When it comes to Honeymoon shopping, get it done soon! We can’t stress that enough. We have planed weddings for over five years, and during that time, one thing we realized is the last thing couples want to do after celebrating their union is search for honeymoon attire. Our job is to keep our brides […]

What’s In Our Cart: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

You know what time of the month it is! Yes, time for “What’s in Our Cart.” Welcome back to our monthly blog article where we talk about the online must haves at our favorite stores. As many of you probably know, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started last Friday. So as you can imagine, we spent the weekend online shopping! Of course, we overstocked our carts, so we had to share some of our best finds!

5 Ways To Include Your Children In Your Wedding

Instead of the traditional single candle for the bride and single candle for the groom, which they use to light one candle and extinguish the others, have candles for each child. Assist each child into lighting their own candle, then light the family candle from them. The children can then help extinguish the small candles.

Modern Red Wedding Color Scheme

We have a new couple, who hired us as their wedding planners and designers, and wanted to incorporate a true red into their modern wedding color scheme but had a heck of a time trying to visualize it being as the only colors that were coming up on their “red wedding” Pinterest search were the burgundy and blush color combo.