Emerald Green Wedding in Scottsdale, AZ

Most of the time when we are hired to plan a couple’s wedding, they have an idea of what they want their wedding to look like.  Sometimes, these idea’s are super specific, with awesome Pinterest boards that have most definitely been in the works longer than the engagement (it’s ok, we’ll never tell), and other […]

What’s In Our Cart: Fourth of July Edition

Let us guess…you are starting to see an overwhelming saturation of red, white, and blue at nearly every store you walk into? Fourth of July festivities are right around the corner which means you better get to shopping! You should already know this….but here at BTS we  always try to make things as easy as […]

4 Reasons We’re Obsessed With WAGS, Nicole Williams Boudoir Photos!

You may be familiar with Nicole Williams from E Network’s show WAGS. Many of us have followed Nicole’s sometimes hopeless journey of her engagement to NFL wide receiver, Larry English. At the end of last season, we saw Nicole finally get engaged and we couldn’t have been happier for her. Just last month Nicole and […]

Top 4 Unconventional Bridesmaid Dresses!

We know. We hear it time and time again. All b’maid dresses look the same. The best part about working with so many weddings is we know just the right nontraditional, but also stylish, b’maid dresses brides can put their girls in and have them still looking fleeky. We’ve compiled a list of our four […]

What’s In Our Cart! Honeymoon Edition

Hey newlyweds and our soon to be newlyweds! We’re back at it again with What’s in Our Cart, but this time honeymoon edition! Finally, after getting through all of the wedding planning it’s time to shop for that long anticipated honeymoon of yours. I’m sure you can already picture yourself now sitting next to your hubs, […]

5 Groom Must Haves of 2017!

Let us guess….You haven’t found your soon-to-be groom scrolling through Pinterest searching for the top men’s wedding trends. You also haven’t found him buying bridal magazines or shopping for the perfect suit and tie (or tux and tie) for your big day.  Don’t worry we got you AND your man covered! We broke down the […]

What’s in Our Cart!

Hi ladies! We’re back with What’s in Our Cart! Did you miss us? It’s only been a couple weeks, and we’ve been itching to show you guys some of our recent purchases, and things on our ‘Need to Purchase’ list. Scroll down for our top three items this month!

2017 Engagement Ring Trends

We’re not going to pretend like we don’t know the drill when it comes to engagement rings. And fellas, if you’re reading, we’ll fill you in. Most women know exactly what they want. They can confidently tell you what shape they prefer, what size they prefer and why they prefer it. And that’s not it, […]

Bridal Capes Are The New Veil!

A recent trend we’re noticing is capes. More and more brides are replacing their veil with capes. And we’re not mad at it! They’re actually a beautiful alternative. A cape done right will give just the right amount of timelessness and elegance. It also allows for an extra bit of detail you don’t always get […]

What’s in Our Cart!

Ladies, we got something new for you! And its really, we mean really, game changing. Without further ado, we’re proud to announce the launch of What’s In Our Cart. This is where we will share with you three things we’ve most recently bought or have been meaning to buy and just haven’t pressed “check out” […]