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What’s In Our Cart: White Workout Wear

Now that you have that bling on your finger, it’s time to start sweating for the wedding. What better way to prepare than to outfit yourself with all white workout gear? As always, we’ve added a few items to our cart that are must have purchases for your wedding fitness preparation. Check them out below:


Anthropologie White Mesh Leggings & Sports Bra

Anthropologie definitely got it right with this number. We didn’t even know it was possible to look this cute at the gym. This is a MUST have for every bride, trust and believe.

Click here for the leggings and here for the sports bra.


Victoria’s Secret Mesh Long Sleeve Top



Looking for cute gear for lighter workout days? This slim fitting and super soft top is perfect for any yoga or barre class.

Click here to shop.


Gucci Canvas Cosmetic Bag



Working out during your lunch break and need to make it back to work with a fresh face? Try this to die for white Gucci travel bag. This one is perfect for the gym and even great to throw into your purse when you’re on the run.

Click here to shop.

Revolve Be Happy Hoodie



This Revolve hoodie is great for before and after workouts. It’s oversized fit makes for great comfort, especially on those lazy days you may not feel like working out. And thanks to the slogan on the back, even on those lazy days you won’t forget how happy working out keeps you.

Click here to shop.






This is the perfect backpack for the gym and any of your gym classes. Yes, we know what your thinking, who trusts themselves enough to have a white gym bag? We do!  The fleece material calls for easy washing.

Click here  to shop.

Adidas Ultra Boosts

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 11.28.31 PM.png


Adidas Ultra Boosts are arguably the best workout shoes on the market right now. Why? Because of their light weight, comfort, and sleek look! Don’t sleep on these guys when shopping for the perfect shoe.

Click here to shop.

Ferragamo Slides



Nothing feels better than giving your feet a break and slipping into a pair of slides after your workout. Try these white and gold Ferragamo slides to use as your post workout footwear.

Click here to shop.


Swell Stainless Steel Water Bottle




If you haven’t purchased a stainless steel water bottle yet, you need to! This Swell water bottle is perfect because it stays cold for 24 hours. That means you can fill it up with cold water in the morning and it’s still going to be cold for your post work training in the evening. Believe us, we’ve tried it!

Click here to shop.




Do you have any white workout gear you would recommend for brides? We want to know! Please comment below and tell us about your finds!


If you’re a vendor or brand and want us to review your product on our What’s In Our Cart series, send an email to info@btseventmanagement.com. We look forward to the possibility of working with you.

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