Winter’s biggest hair trend, barrette stacking!

You probably have some stored away somewhere in your bathroom. You’ve worn them once your twice when you were a little girl. And just as anything else, they’re making their way back into the fashion scene. Yup, we’re talking barrette stacking. We’ve talked about several different hair trends over the years so it is probably no surprise to you that this is our topic of choice for this week’s blog. Not to mention, it’s this winter’s biggest hair trend!

Ok, let’s break it down for you. The term stacking in bridal is typically reserved for wedding bands (blog on that coming next week!). Before we get into talking about this trend, let’s define barrette stacking for the readers who are not privy to this trend. Stacking is mixing and matching three or more hair clips at a time. Off the bat, this may seem a little bit cray, but stay with us it’s a trend we think you’ll come to love. Disclaimer: when done the right way. For example, how gorg would it be if a bride wore pearl stackable barrettes to hold down the front of her veil? See! We told you that you’d grow to love it.

That being said, we have yet to see a bride do this, but if you do, share her with us! She is totally our vibe. We’d love to see this look incorporated into bridal, even if it’s just the rehearsal dinner or a bach look. Until then, let’s take a moment to appreciate these beauties because I think before, we may have just taken them for granted.

Don’t forget, be sure to let us know if these are hot or not in the comments.

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