Why we love when our brides register at Boutiques

Gone are the days of simple wedding registries. Today, the options are endless and there’s somewhere for every type of bride. Lately, we have been seeing a lot of our brides register at boutique shops and we’re really digging it.

Registering at a large store can be really overwhelming and intimidating. So many isles, so many choices. Unless your a lady with an exact ‘to register for’ list, you’re likely to leave feeling like you just got ran over by a train.

This is why we feel like registering at a local boutique is so perfect! Every boutique has its general vibe: modern, bohemian, shabby chic, etc. You are usually only going to see one general vibe in each boutique which means that you’ll probably feel a little less overwhelmed by all the choices. You get to go to the exact type of store that you’re looking for. We know, we know, you can feel the weight lifting off your shoulders already. Ahhhh….

One of our favorite local boutiques for our brides to register at is urbAna.


urbAna is a sophisticated boutique located in Phoenix, Arizona that carries unique products for home, bars, and party planning. urbAna offers its couples a private registry experience, complimentary champagne when registering, personal delivery, and a extremely personal experience.


Well hello, perfect bar cart. We are feeling all kinds of cocktail party planning here.


This is the making of the most perfect dinner table! Have your in-laws over and you’re sure to impress your mother-in-law with this beautiful tableware.

See isn’t their stuff to die for? I mean who doesn’t love high end, sophisticated and elegant home goods? We think it’s the perfect way for any couple to start their lives. If you’re newly engaged and in Arizona, be sure to check out this beautiful boutique before you register anywhere else.

What are some of your favorite local boutique shops to register at?

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