Personalizing Your Wedding Through Technology

When we are planning weddings, we encourage our brides to let us personalize their weddings as much as possible. We want you and your personality to shine on your big day!  One of our favorite ways to personalize weddings is through technology. And there is so much new technology available, that the options are endless.

One our absolute favorite ways to personalize a wedding with technology is to have our brides pick out a hashtag that they want to associate with their wedding. We typically like to post signage that has the hashtag attached to it, as well as directions on how to use it throughout the social media platforms. Of course, there’s no replacement for a photographer but, there is something to be said for those fun selfies and candid shots your guest will capture and post. Is there anything better than scrolling through hundreds of fun pictures the day after your wedding and reliving it all over again? Nope!

Photo by Oh Happy Day Design Co

Snap Chat
Who isn’t on the snap chat train? But imagine if your wedding guests start snapping and suddenly see your personalized wedding filter? Yep, thats a thing! And we have to say, it adds a pretty fun dimension to the social media aspect of your wedding. You’ll obvioulsy need a snapchat account and after that, the process to make a personalized filter is easy peasy!


Stream Your Wedding
Aunt Jean can’t come to the wedding? Don’t you worry your pretty little heart. You can now stream your wedding and Aunt Jean can watch the whole thing from the comfort of her home. Periscope and Skype are just a few of the ways you can live stream now in days.

Appy Couple App/Wedding Website
This technology is amazing! Brides can completely design a wedding website as well as an app. This allows them to give their wedding guests and bridal party every single detail relating to the wedding all in one place. This is super convenient for those that have a bridal party that is spread out throughout the country because everyone will be able to get the same information in one spot. And this just might save you from having to create those oh, so annoying group texts! That alone makes this necessary. Haha.

Photo for Appy Couple

Happy personalizing!!

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