Wedding Tips: Modern Wedding Ring Etiquette

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Exchanging wedding rings is probably one of the most significant wedding traditions. However, wedding traditions have evolved a lot over the years and deciding what tradition to follow can be quite difficult!


Traditionally, an engagement ring was the man’s sole responsibility and it was custom for him to choose his partner’s engagement ring without consulting her, and then utterly surprising her when he proposed. However, this tradition has changed quite a lot in recent years.

Since couples often discuss the possibility of marriage beforehand, it is quite common for the woman to have a say in her ring. It has become conventional for couples to go ring shopping together, or for the bride-to-be to design her own engagement ring. However, it is no longer expected that the man should spend three months’ worth salary on the engagement ring!

How to wear your engagement ring at your ceremony
There are three common ways to go about wearing your engagement ring at your wedding:

1. Many brides choose to not wear their engagement ring at all during the ceremony, but wear it afterwards for their reception.

2. A common choice is to wear your engagement ring on your right hand during the ceremony and switch it to your left hand after the ceremony.

3. Some brides choose to keep wearing their engagement rings normally during the ceremony and simply switch the order of the rings afterwards.

Typically, the engagement ring should come on after the wedding band. Many couples choose to buy matching wedding bands or even a set, where the wedding band matches the engagement ring. Some ring designs allow you to merge your engagement ring and wedding band into one ring.

Surprise or choose your own ring?

If you opt to design or choose your own rings, you might not have a surprise, but you know that both of you are getting exactly what you wanted, including the ring’s style and size and the stone’s cut.

On the other hand, many women like the idea that their partner chose or designed their ring, however there is always a small risk that the ring isn’t quite to the woman’s taste (and it can be an expensive mistake!).


Wedding traditions are evolving and it doesn’t matter what tradition you choose to follow, as long as it is what makes you and your partner happy.

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