Wedding Tips: Fun Wedding Activities

Many people are divided on the idea of “games” or activities at weddings. There are those who find them fun and harmless, and those who think that surely weddings are enjoyable enough as-is.

We say: why not incorporate fun activities for your guests to partake in?!

Since you have guests who range in age from children to seniors, you may be interested in offering alternative activities that can help to “break the ice” and engage everyone. Here are seven unique and fun ideas to use for different times on your wedding day.

kids table

1) Kids Activity Table: One of our weddings included a kid’s table during the reception (photography by Image Industry) that had various games and coloring books to keep them occupied! Colorful tables with Dr. Seuss- themed goodie bags allowed the young guests to have fun at the wedding just as much as the adults.

diy dessert

2) DIY Dessert Bar: The photo above (found on Pinterest) is a DIY Cupcake Bar. Set out plain cupcakes or cookies, perhaps in various flavors, with a bunch of topping and icing choices. Guests, especially kids, can have fun making their own goodies. Just don’t forgot to set out a couple of aprons so guests don’t get their nice clothes dirty!


3) Hire a Cartoonist: Have a cartoonist come, he or she can draw pictures of the guests so they have something fun and memorable to take home.


4) Giant Jenga: An oversized Jenga game is a cinch to create — all you need to do is take a trip to the hardware store for some lumber and have each cut to the same length (a traditional Jenga set uses 54 blocks).

photo booth

5) Photo Booth: Seemingly becoming more popular, renting photo booths for guests to take pictures in is becoming all the rage. Guests can take home for memories and/or leave the photos for the bride and groom to create a photo book with all their friends and family. A friend of ours has a fantastic photo booth service for weddings and events called HIP Booth.

flip cup

6) Flip Cup Tournaments: Delegate someone to be a ref for beer flip cup tournaments! This may not be your cup of tea for your wedding, but beer games can be super engaging and fun for your guests that enjoy the competition – and beer!


7) Wedding Guest Bingo: This does take some organization, but by the end of cocktail hour your guests will be firm buddies. Along with their RSVP, every guest is asked to provide an “interesting fact” about themselves. Collate these into 4-5 Bingo cards, which will then be displayed at the reception during cocktail hour, alongside some mini pencils and the promise of a prize to the first two guests to get a “Bingo”, done by matching facts to guests. Your guests will love the conversation starters!

What are your thoughts on games at weddings? Have you played any of these, or do you have another favorite game to share?

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