Wedding Planning: Book Your Room Blocks ASAP

So, you’ve booked your wedding venue, how exciting! I bet it feels so good to check that off your wedding ‘to-do’ list. Did you start looking for hotels near the venue so you can book room blocks for your guests? Anyone freaking and thinking ‘wtf’ to themselves? Haha, don’t you worry your little heart. Us BTS girls got you covered.

In case you aren’t familiar with what this means let us break this down for you. A room block is when you ask the hotel/s closest to your wedding venue or at your wedding venue to reserve rooms for your wedding guests, wedding party and YOU at a discounted rate. Typically this happens at two different hotels, one high price point and one low price point in order to accommodate all of your guests.  There are two types of room blocks: Contract room blocks and Courtesy room blocks.  Take the time to go over the ins and outs of your contract with the Group Sales Manager at the hotels you are booking with.

This is SO important. Especially for the bride, groom and wedding party. Believe it or not we have had brides who have not been able to stay on the property they are getting married at the day before the wedding because they did not reserve rooms. Can you imagine the shock and stress when you find that out?  Eeeekkk! Some other benefits are the money savings and your guests will all be in one place, which makes the wedding weekend even more fun:)

All you’ll need to do is contact your wedding venue (if you’re having your wedding at a hotel) or the closest hotel/s near your wedding venue. You’ll want to ask to be transferred to Group Sales in order to get the ball rolling.  Prior to calling, you will want to know an approximate number of rooms needed.  This doesn’t have to be dead on, but you do not want to aim too high or too low on this. Oh and one more tiny detail you brides might want to request: early check in. Often times check in isn’t until later in the day but you or your wedding guests may need access to the room before then so just be sure to think about all these details when calling hotels. OR just hire us, we’re really great taking care of all of this!

Was this something you thought of when you were planning your own wedding?

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