2016 VMA Fashion Recap

We have got to say this is one of the best MTV Video Music Awards we have seen in awhile. From Rhianna performing multiple times to Beyonce dropping the mic after her unreal performance to Britney hitting the VMA stage yet another time to Drake professing his love for RhiRhi. From beginning to end the whole production was nothing short of amazing! But lets talk fashion because the trends we’re seeing on the red carpet now, we usually end up seeing these trends mimicked months later in wedding dresses. And there here was  fashion for days on the red carpet so, lets take a look at all of our favorite trends.

Sheer Fabic/Cutouts

We’ve been seeing lots of this trend for awhile now and we’re glad to see it’s staying around. We love seeing the perfect balance of classy and sexy on our brides and there’s nothing that screams that more than sheer lace or side cut outs on wedding dresses.

One Shoulder/Off the Shoulder

Both these trends have been all over the fashion scene all summer long. Seeing it during the VMA red carpet means its going be around through the fall and definitely into 2017. We’re pretty excited about this because one shoulder or off the shoulder wedding gowns are gorgeous. This trend is also perfect for bridesmaid dresses.

Jumpsuits and Pants

Jumpsuits and pants were all over the red carpet, in fact, we would say it was one of the biggest trends at the VMAs. If we’re being honest here, we’re totally waiting for one of our brides to stroll down the isle in a jumpsuit or pants set. When done right and styled correctly they would make the right bride look absolutely to-die-for.

Ice Light Blue/Green 

We’re not even sure what to call this color, but we’re legit obsessed and we can totally see one of our fashion forward brides coming down the isle in this color. It’s the right amount of color.  Enough to make a statement but, not too much. We also could totally see a bridal party rocking this in the spring.

What was your favorite fashion trend at the VMAs?

-Your BTS Girls

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