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As wedding planners, we have noticed there are two very distinct types of brides, the ones who have had their wedding all planned out on Pinterest since before they got engaged and then the polar opposite who has had no interest in using Pinterest for anything wedding related.

We find Pinterest to be a great tool for our brides to communicate exactly what they want their wedding to look like.  In just a matter of seconds, brides can type in words that describe the look and feel they are going for and thousands of images appear.  Us wedding planners can do the same thing to show our brides exactly what we are talking about as we suggest details for their weddings.  This eliminates a lot of the guessing work we have to do in order to perfectly tap into the images our brides are dreaming up, in their minds, about their perfect wedding day.

We wanted to take some time to go over some great tips for any wedding planning bride, regardless of which group you fit into.

Follow these simple steps and you are sure to have a great handle on the design aspect of your wedding planning.

Create a Pinterest page, if you haven’t already:)

If you have already been pinning the wedding of your dreams, be sure you have separate boards for different aspects of your wedding.  If you have not been wedding pinning, start a few different boards and title them according to what the subject is for each board.  Here are a few examples: ceremony, hair and make up, attire, bouquets, cocktail hour, reception, invitations.  When keeping these boards separate, it is very easy to track down those favorite pins that you can’t wait to show your wedding planner or wedding designer.

Make your Pinterest boards secret.  We suggest this so that your close family and friends, who will be attending your wedding will not know every detail of your wedding.  Sometimes its nice to have some surprises for your guests.  Not sure how to do this?  Don’t worry, it’s rather easy.  Check out the steps below:

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Invite your wedding planner, maid of honor mother, or anyone else who is extremely instrumental to your wedding planning, to pin on the board with you.  Although we suggest inviting people to pin with you, keep these pinning invitations to an extreme minimum.  Too many opinions and styles can really confuse the design path of the wedding.  If you have a wedding planner or wedding designer, this may be the only person you need to invite to your boards.  Follow these steps to invite people to pin with you on your boards.

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Use the comment section to get as specific as possible.  Throughout your wedding planning pinning, you will probably pin thousands of photos.  You will want to remember what you like about the photo.  You will also want to delete the comments in the caption section from the person who has previously pined the photo in order to avoid any confusion.  There are many times when we see very detailed photos on one of our bride’s boards of a super elaborate centerpiece, when we discuss this photo with our bride, we find out details like, there is a specific flower in the arrangement that they love, and it turns out that its not necessarily the whole arrangement she likes.  Or they are in love with the linen or votive candles surrounding the arrangement.  The caption or comment section under the photo is a great place to list the specific details you are drawn to in the photo.

Stay consistent with YOUR wedding style.  Since Pinterest has so many beautiful images, it is easy for some of our brides to get side tracked with their design.  Before you know it, the country chić outdoor wedding we are planning for a bride has some elegant huge round centerpieces that belong in a ballroom, on their boards.  We want to avoid that at all costs.  One rule of thumb we always recommend to our brides is if there are pins on your board that don’t agree with all of the other pins, just delete them off of there or move them to a miscellaneous board.  If you think of your board as a story book, all of your photos should look like they all belong to the same story.  If there is a photo that doesn’t look like it would belong in that book, then you know it doesn’t belong on that board.

♥ Have fun while pinning!  This is so important to keep in mind throughout your wedding planning pinning.  You are creating the day of your dreams, enjoy it.  Get creative, get specific, and enjoy every second of your creation:) 

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I hope this info is helpful in your wedding planning and pinterest-ing!  Be sure to check out our other social media sites for more wedding planning tips and trends.

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