Planning Your Reception: Food Stations

During the wedding planning process there are so many decisions to be made that a point comes where many brides reach their decision making limit. The venue is booked, the guest list is narrowed down, and of course the perfect dress is picked out…then there’s a great big choice that needs to be made, what’s for dinner?

Where do you even start with that one? Do you go for a buffet or a multi course plated meal? What about the vegetarians or the gluten free guests? With so many choices and so many accommodations to be made, choosing between the stuffed chicken breast or the chicken parm becomes more stressful than you have ever imagined!

So what if we told you there was an option that would yield results that please all of your guests, and relieve some of the stress you’re feeling? Two words, food stations.

Food stations are becoming more and more popular at weddings for many reasons, but here are a few that we love!



Having food stations means you and your guests aren’t limited to only a few options. If you have guests who aren’t meat eaters you can have a pasta set up or a killer salad bar station. If you love chicken but your groom wants steak, have them both! From small plates to carving stations, the options are seriously endless here.

Portion Sizes


With plated dinners, no matter what the meal choices, you will have some guests who are stuffed 3 bites in, others who didn’t get quite enough, and sometimes even those who don’t like what’s in front of them. With food stations, guests have the opportunity to not only get exactly what they want, but how much they want. Whether that means filling the plate as much as humanly possible or only opting for a salad, everyone will be satisfied.

Guests Can Mingle


If your guest list consists of friends and family from near and far who love to socialize and move around, sitting them at a table that restricts them to interacting with only the others near them may not be ideal. With food stations, guests are able to mingle as they are up getting their food, creating an interactive atmosphere.

Overall, food stations give your wedding a fun element that everyone is bound to love! They’re different, have as many options as you want, and guests love them. We have seen a number of our brides choose the food station route and we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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