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Event Planning: Choosing a Theme

Regardless of the special event you have coming up, whether it be a wedding, corporate event, or personal party, I highly recommend choosing a theme.  By choosing a theme the planning and coordination of the event goes much smoother.  It allows for a great flow of colors, party favors, food, and music to come together and compliment one another.  Follow these easy steps to ensure you’ve covered all your bases:

-The First step in choosing a theme, is making sure it is right for you.  Regardless of what kind of event you are pulling together, the theme must be relevant and meaningful for the occasion.  Brainstorm ideas, write down favorite movies, colors, special seasons, or holidays.  Anything that means something to you.  Organize your ideas and pick a topic that really sparks your interest.

-After the theme is set, do a little more brainstorming and gather together things that remind you of this topic.  This will help in choosing color schemes, and decor and invitations.  When planning an event, I recommend starting the planning with these few areas.  Once invitations, colors, and decor are decided upon, the next choices are food, music, and party favors.  All of these details should compliment each other to keep the flow of the main theme strong.

-After these steps are complete, other details, specific to your occasion, will be much easier to determine, making your special day a huge success!

Contact BTS Event Management for all of your event planning needs.  We are a full service event planning business with consultation packages available, for the party host who would like to be more hands on, but may need a little direction or help pulling every event detail together.

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