Wedding Day: Tips for the Bride
You’ve been counting down the days and the day is finally almost here! You’re about to marry the man of your dreams and have the perfect wedding with all your friends and family. Here’s a few tips we recommend to make sure everything goes as perfectly as it can!

  Get a Good Night’s Sleep
There’s going to be a lot going through your mind the night before your big day, making it super easy to stay up way later than you should. Turn your phone on silent, draw a nice bubble bath, pour yourself a glass of wine and just relax! Your wedding day is going to be absolutely perfect (especially if you have a planner) so don’t even stress! Enjoy your last night of being a Miss and get some sleep so you can wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning!
Eat a Good Breakfast

Healthy breakfast. Yogurt with granola and berries

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and this is especially true on your wedding day. With a busy schedule of hair and makeup, the ceremony, and what will feel like ten million photos, there isn’t a whole lot of time to eat once your day gets started. Have a breakfast comprised of protein and complex carbs, something that is filling but doesn’t make you feel too full or tired. Try some peanut butter toast with a side of fruit, or a small omelette loaded with veggies. You’ll still look incredible in your dress and those around you won’t have to deal with a hangry bride.

Give Yourself Enough Time
The timeline for your wedding day is one of the most important pieces of the day. When you have a wedding plannere most of the timeline is taken care of so you don’t have to worry about most things, but you do want to make sure you don’t feel like you are rushed when it comes to getting ready. Sometimes hair is stubborn and just won’t stay how it should, or bridesmaids dresses rip and need to be fixed, all resulting in taking more time than you thought. Things like this happen, but if you have given yourself extra time there’s no need for this to be a problem.
Pack an Emergency Bagbride-survival-kit
You know how people plan for a zombie apocalypse and we think they’re kind of crazy? Well, this is kind of similar but totally not crazy! As you’re probably aware, your wedding day is kind of a big deal. It’s a long day with lots of things going on which means lots of things that can happen. Will all the terrible things happen? It’s highly unlikely, however it’s always better to be safe than sorry right?! An emergency bag for a bride is going to look quite different from a zombie apocalypse bag, but it will still have all the essentials; Tide-to-Go pens, safety pins, tissues, lip gloss/chapstick, mints, band aids, ibuprofen, tampons, bobby pins, hair spray, all the little goods that just may save the day. If your brain reaches it’s max capacity and you can’t think of what else to put in your Day of Emergency Bag, do a quick google search and it will give you more items than you would have ever thought! Trust us, we’ve seen it all and it is ALWAYS good to be prepared!
Watch Your Alcohol Consumption
Even though you are about to get married to the person who makes you happier than anyone else, it is still so easy for your nerves to get the best of you. As you’re getting ready having a good time with your girls, one mimosa turns into five way quicker than you realize. The same goes for the second half of your day as well. Remember how we talked about breakfast being so important because you likely wouldn’t get much to eat throughout the day? With little to no food in your system by cocktail hour or dinner, that one vodka sprite is going to hit you different than normal. You’ll want to remember the awesome time you have mingling with your guests, so try drinking a glass of water between each drink. It slows the alcohol’s affects without slowing you at all!
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