Holiday Weekend Wedding: Pros and Cons

This holiday season we have had some pretty incredible weddings that we are still totally obsessing over! If you’re anything like us and have been absolutely loving all of the gorgeous wedding posts that have been filling your Instagram feed and Pinterest pages lately (thank you planners, designers and vendors!) you’re probably considering the ups and downs of having a holiday wedding of your own. Because we love everything wedding planning, and have heard and seen just about everything out there, we’ve put together a little Pros and Cons list with the most common things we hear!


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Holiday weekends mean more time off of work for a lot of people, which is a huge bonus for those guests who will be traveling to be a part of your big day. If it’s a three or four day weekend away from work, it allows them to take the time off without cutting into that vacation time they’ve been saving to use on that killer trip they’ve been dying to take!

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Because holidays often include having Monday off, Sunday weddings are way more popular on holiday weekends than on any other weekend. While some holidays may be exceptions, (New Year’s Eve is often one of them) venues usually offer lower prices for a Sunday wedding than a Friday or Saturday wedding.

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If you have your wedding during a holiday weekend it gives you the opportunity to really see and enjoy your guests throughout the weekend instead of just on your wedding day. If you know you’re going to have a lot of out of town guests, this is especially awesome because it gives you the time to book those extra tee times or post wedding brunch without guests worrying about catching flights or getting back to work!


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While most three day weekends consist of backyard BBQ’s with friends that can happen any time, other holidays often include plans that are a little more difficult to reschedule. If you plan on having your wedding over Christmas or New Year’s, guests may have a difficult time choosing your wedding over seeing family they may only see once a year. However, on the flip side, your wedding could be an awesome reason to bring everyone together and knock two events out in a matter of days!

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Yes, we know this was mentioned as a pro (which it totally is) but it can definitely also be a con. Because so many people travel from all over the place for different holidays, rates for flights and hotels tend to be higher during these times. This may make it more difficult for friends and family who are traveling, especially if you have a winter wedding.

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More people traveling for holidays means out of town guests are more likely to run into finding full flights and completely booked hotels. This doesn’t only apply to Christmas time either. Have you ever tried booking a last minute hotel room in the Phoenix area during Spring Training? It’s definitely not the easiest thing to do!

Holiday weekend weddings are fabulous for some, and less than ideal for others. Hopefully this has given you what you need to help decide if it’s the right move for your totally awesome wedding or not!

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