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Wedding Advice: Plan A Picture-Perfect Bridal Shower

It’s that time of the year again. April showers bring May… weddings! You’re calendar is most likely filled with a handful of bridal showers, especially with wedding season around the corner.

Bridal showers can be delightful- a time dedicated to shower the lovely bride with gifts, love, and support. We understand that, occasionally, things don’t go as planned. Here are a few helpful tips for throwing the perfect bridal shower for a modern bride-to-be:

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Keep it Simple. Pinterest is an excellent source of inspiration, recipes and DIY tutorials, especially when hosting an event like a bridal shower. Instead of trying to include every detail that you like, prioritize the items that will be most meaningful and have the biggest impact.

It’s All About the Bride. This is a special day for the bride, so make sure every detail reflects her. There’s no wring way to plan a bridal shower. Create a menu with her favorite foods, decorate with her favorite colors and invite her bridesmaids, most cherished friends and family members.

Delegate! Chances are you have help from the wedding planner or a slew of family and friends offering their assistance – so take it! Bridesmaids can even help with duties from addressing invitations to flower arranging. Those close to the bride will want to play a role in making her special day memorable.

Include the Groom. Couples showers have grown in popularity over the past few years so don’t be afraid to include the boys. Especially for a younger crowd, this can be a great opportunity for guests to make friendships prior to the wedding, making the big day even more fun for all. Or even consider inviting the groom to make a surprise appearance, perhaps bringing the bride a gift or a big, beautiful bouquet of flowers.

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(Photo from Wedding Chicks)

Invite the Shutterbug. If it isn’t in your budget to hire a professional photographer, recruit a member of the wedding party or a close friend to document the day. Posed pictures are nice, but even better are images capturing the location, décor details and candid shots of the blushing bride and her guests.

Relax and Have Fun! Even months of crazy planning can’t guarantee everything will go as planned, so when the day arrives, allow yourself to enjoy every moment – even the unexpected ones. Take a deep breath, sip a delicious beverage and celebrate.

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