Getting Engaged Over the Holidays

With the holiday season upon us, we are just entering into what we, in the wedding planning industry, call “engagement season”.  Between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, there is always a high influx in engagements and surprise proposals.  Some sources say, as many as 40% of yearly proposals happen in these months.  The reason being is […]

15 Lovely Ideas For A Cold-Weather Wedding

Arizona may not be the coldest state in the winter but it does get rather chilly. If you’re one of the lucky brides planning to have your wedding during these next few cold months, there a ton of themes you could go with to match the season. Winter weddings can be beautiful and right in […]

Modern Etiquette: Tips for a Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to cook, catch-up, and gather with all of your loved ones. Family and friends are thankful for the time they get to cook together, eat together and share memories and moments of thankfulness with the people they love the most. Despite the good intentions, any family get- together can mean […]