Getting Engaged Over the Holidays

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With the holiday season upon us, we are just entering into what we, in the wedding planning industry, call “engagement season”.  Between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day, there is always a high influx in engagements and surprise proposals.  Some sources say, as many as 40% of yearly proposals happen in these months.  The reason being is this is the time when most families are together.  It makes for a good opportunity for the person who is popping the question to ask for the blessing or approval of their significant other’s family.  What better way to enter into the next stage of your relationship than to do it in front of your closest family and friends.  As wedding planners, we LOVE hearing holiday proposal stories from our couples.

So the big question, before the BIG question is: Are you ready to be engaged?  Check out some of our advice if you are anticipating a holiday proposal:

♥ Don’t go snooping: if your significant other is planning to surprise you, let there be a surprise.  Don’t go searching for a ring and definitely don’t drill close friends/family to get answers to questions you may have racing through your mind.  If there is going to be a proposal, let it happen the way it is intended to happen.

♥ Don’t try to plan: as relationships progress into the “it’s really serious” part, many people will anticipate when the big question is going to happen, often times leaving the couple in an awkward ending to what would have been a perfectly normal evening.  Even if you suspect a proposal, chances are you will not know when or where it will happen, so don’t try to plan this out in your head, you will only create opportunity for disappointment if it doesn’t happen.

♥ Manicure your hands: just in case an engagement is on the near horizon, it never hurts to have your hands looking their best when you are showing off your new sparkly ring.

♥ Don’t get your hopes up: in the instance a proposal doesn’t come your way over the holidays, don’t get disappointed.  Your time will come when it’s supposed to come.  At most, be sure to keep open lines of communication with your partner so he/she knows you are ready for this next step.

If you end up getting engaged over the holidays, be sure to share your story with us for a chance to win complimentary save the dates.  We will be picking one lucky winner at random.

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