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Popular Trends: Revamp Your White Mani For The Big Day

white mani


White nails are a major trend for the warmer seasons, like spring and summer, so why not rock them on the big day? Revamp a regular white manicure with these three fresh twists:

Try a daring shape

Long, oval nails are dramatic, but they don’t seem as over-the-top when they’re painted in a clean, stark shade. If you’re still feeling like you might not like the style, go for a shorter length with slightly pointy tips.


mani 2

Play with texture

Textured polish is huge, whether it’s glittery, grainy, or gritty. Combine the two trends and do a white manicure with an eye-catching finish.

mani 4


Add an accent nail

Choose your ring fingernails to be done in a different color (or rhinestones like the pic above) than the rest of your nails — it adds an interesting contrast and you’ll make that amazing wedding rock stand out!


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