Instagram: Wedding Favorites from Fourth of July

As you may know, we are a bit social media obsessed.  Since we are Scottsdale based wedding planners, located in one of the hottest states in the country (Arizona), our summer months really slow down when it comes to wedding planning.  There aren’t too many people who want to get married in 110 degree weather.  During this time, we work on getting our Fall weddings into shape, spring cleaning the office, and admiring the rest of the country’s amazing weddings and wedding photography through Instagram.

We want to share with you our top 5 favorite Fourth of July weekend wedding photos that we came across while scrolling through our Instagram feeds over the last couple of days.


Amanda Basteen Photography

Kris Kan


Brandon Kidd Photography


Todd Pellowe Photography


Cindy Lee Photography

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend and we hope you enjoyed these beautiful images as much as we did!  Be sure to check us out on out social media sites for more wedding awesomeness:)

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