First & Foremost -The Most Important Aspect: Setting a Budget!

budget-guruWhat is the number one most important thing to do when you start your wedding planning?  One might think that it is finding your venue, selecting your bridal party, getting your photographer but no!  That is far from the most important.  Don’t worry – those were all things on my mind – but the main question I had to ask and figure out first and foremost – it was determining a budget!


So, Chris and I are not rich by any means and setting a budget did cause a little bit of back and forth questioning.  Luckily, we have the love and support of our families that are so very kind and want to help us out too!  A HUGE thank you to them!!  Being a planner, I went straight to my notebook and mapped out everything I could think of that we would need to pay for.  I had everything from venue to catering to cake and all the way to linens, uplighting, rentals, music, etc. etc. etc.  and I found myself really (and I mean REALLY) trying to stay within a certain amount but it became really difficult because there are certain things that I know I want.  After I put all of the details together, I sent Chris a nice little text message: “Hey!  I just made us a budget for the wedding.”  Of course, when I got to the number – I think he nearly fainted because his reaction was, “ummm…. how about we cut that in half.”  I was mad.  I told him he could make his own budget so that we can compare – he never did.  I guess I won that battle ;).
We haven’t exactly done much with our planning so far so things are really not coming to life.  It is important though for us to have limitations and guidelines.  As I mentioned, I am not rich – yet, so it is important for us to plan within our own means.  A second mortgage isn’t an option!
Tip for newly engaged couples:  SET A BUDGET, it’s not that hard!  If you don’t, you will never be able to keep track of how much you are spending.  What will typically happen is you soon find that you are two to three times as much as you had originally ever planned.  If you need help, let me know!
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(PS… that image is NOT my budget :))
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